Solo travel has its benefits. It's empowering to head out into the world on our own, navigate unknown spaces, meet new people, and experience cultures that are vastly different from our own.

For the never-before solo traveler, a yoga retreat can ease us into the new and uncharted world of solo adventure, surrounded by the comfort of a like minded group and under the guidance of experienced instructors. 

For the seasoned solo-travel pro, a yoga retreat offers a chance to let go of planning the details and instead, relax and enjoy.   

In any case, a yoga retreat is the perfect getaway for those adventuring on their own.

When your friends can’t join you

We’ve all been there, a little nervous about traveling solo but longing for a vacation. When your best efforts at roping in a travel buddy go unanswered, just book the trip solo! Thankfully, on a yoga retreat, there’s very little for a traveler to worry about. Your location has been vetted, you’re in safe hands with one or a team of teachers, and often, there’s nothing you need to do other than book your flight. 

All-inclusive yoga retreats will pick you up from the airport, and transport you to a beautiful destination where you’ll be on-site with room and board for the duration of your time away. No worrying about airport transfers, no navigating the trains, buses, or city streets in a foreign town, no wondering where to dine out each night and no feeling uncomfortable about walking back to your hotel alone.

If it’s a yoga retreat you need, you don’t need anyone to go with you. Just book the trip.

TIP: Booking solo lets you book right away! Save with an early bird discount by deciding not to wait for that one friend who says “maybe…..”

When you don’t feel like planning

A yoga retreat will help you relax on your vacation in more ways than one. While seasoned travelers might enjoy planning all the details of their getaway, it’s also nice to sit back and enjoy being taken on someone else’s ride.

Feeling adventurous? Choose a retreat that offers excursions or other activities outside of daily yoga classes. On a yoga retreat you can explore a new culture, learn a language, learn how to cook, or learn to surf. You could swim in a jungle waterfall, or a crystal clear blue ocean, hike in the Andes or the mountains of Colorado. 

For the ultimate in rest and relaxation, choose a retreat that offers meditation, noble silence, yin yoga, or the bliss of doing absolutely nothing in between your morning and evening practice. 

Either way, yoga retreats make solo travel simple by taking the planning out of your hands. Just purchase the airfare and go. 

TIP: Let the retreat leaders do ALL the planning for you! Ask your retreat leaders for their advice on excursions or other options nearby to extend your stay. 

When you want to meet new people

A yoga retreat offers a unique environment in which by default you’re surrounded by people who have the same interests you do, namely yoga. No worries about the friend who couldn’t or wouldn’t make the trip with you, you’ll make new friends on retreat. 

If solo travel isn’t your jam and you’re worried about feeling lonely, rest assured that’s not a thing among a community of yogis in paradise. If you’re looking for a travel experience that’s social, you can get exactly that. 

While each attendee will have yoga in common, the beauty of a yoga retreat is that yoga (and travel) might be all you have in common. You’ll meet other world-travelers from across the globe, and develop new relationships with people whose paths would never have crossed yours if it wasn’t for your willingness to take the plunge and book the trip. 

TIP: If you’re looking forward to meeting people, choose a double (or triple) occupancy room. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll end up with an interesting roommate, and a likely new friend. 

When you want to meet yourself  

While your yoga retreat experience will be shared with others, Yoga is ultimately an internal journey, and sometimes it feels good to practice “on your own.” By traveling solo to a yoga retreat, you can do exactly that. 

A solo retreat offers the possibility of getting out of your comfort zone, away from your personal story, and the friends you tell that story to, whether intentionally or out of habit. When retreating solo you’re open to the possibility of growth, and the magic that happens when you get to know yourself, away from the view of others who know you.   

Like a good yoga class, solo travel can help you forget yourself. In that forgetting, lies the possibility of transformation. 

Forget that you’re nervous about traveling solo, and build confidence in your practice and yourself. Forget the role you play in front of your friends, and allow yourself to be fully present in your travels and with others. Forget the habits you bring to your asana practice, and open up to new teachings, and a new way of being.

TIP: Arrive at your yoga retreat with an open heart and an open mind. Allow for everything to be new and different, and you’ll leave as new and different too. 

Solo travel has benefits. We learn to navigate the world on our own and build confidence that leads to a feeling of empowerment. When traveling solo we’re open and available to meet new people and try new things. Solo travel guides us inward just as our yoga practice does, we get to know ourselves better, and through that awareness, we grow and change. 

The plentiful benefits of solo travel are only heightened by taking that solo travel experience to a yoga retreat.  Go enjoy!

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