Pricing by type of retreat

Following on from our yoga retreat market research article, I received quite a few questions about pricing which I'm hoping to address in this article. A specific question is shown below.

It seems that $50 a day is lower than I have seen when doing research. Are a large portion of these price points in India and that is what is driving down the average?

Matt via Facebook

I wanted to investigate whether pricing averages were lower than expected due to a large number of teacher training courses in India as Matt suggested.

The graph below splits the data into two and provides new averages. You can use the buttons to view either teacher training or retreat data. At this point, the data isn't country-specific.

Yoga retreat global average price
Teacher training global average price

A clear pattern emerges - the teacher training courses occupy the bottom end of the market with $37 USD per day as the most commonly occurring price. For retreats, the most common price band is between $100 and $200 USD.

Pricing by country

Next, let's take a look at the average pricing by country split by teacher training and retreats. As there is a lot of data in this graph it might be sensible viewing on a larger screen. Please scroll horizontally to see the teacher training data on the right-hand side.

This graph makes it very clear that teacher training is on the cheaper end of the market - this is mostly due to the less expensive shared accommodation which is common on these trips. These bring down the aggregated pricing date I published previously. Retreats other than teacher training are more expensive and the price is driven largely by the current popularity of the destination. Tanzania is the most expensive country for retreats followed by Iceland and Canada, although these are niche destinations. Nepal and India are the cheapest destinations for both types of retreat.