“New Year, new me”. The phrase is scrawled all over our social media, sprinkled into conversations regarding the new decade maybe even followed by an uncertain ‘?’ in your very own journal. Perhaps you’re happy with how 2019 panned out for you, perhaps not. Either way, there’s no denying that the 1st January popping up on your calendar prompts the get-up and go for some serious self-reflection. 

There’s certainly no harm in manifesting some positivity into the new year so why not make 2020 the year where you finally turn those resolutions into reality? 

But now for the hard part… how to make 2020 the year where you finally overcome the difference between scribbling down a lofty goal for the year and achieving your aim? A yoga retreat could well be the resolution to unlock all resolutions. Principally because it’s a tangible goal. You can book your spot on a retreat and use it as both a destination and a turning point in itself. You could aspire to have advanced your practice to a certain level by the time the retreat comes around, or aim to get over a fear of meeting strangers - the possibilities are endless. 

The kind of retreat you select has the potential to take your year in a whole new direction, one where you’re in the driving seat, where you can gift yourself the power to achieve all other goals too. So here’s some inspiration as to what more you could achieve with the help and guidance of a yoga retreat locked in this year. 

Learn a new skill 

Whether you’re an advanced practitioner or new to the mat, your next yoga retreat is a guaranteed learning experience. It could be a new pose, new levels of flexibility or strength, new perspectives or a fresh belief in yourself and what you’re capable of. 

Retreats are the ideal time to expand your horizons and focus on that one pose that you’ve just not quite got your head around. Keep your main objectives in mind when booking your next yoga retreat and select one with a teacher who offers workshops around your goal pose. 

Don’t limit your learning to the mat though! An increasing number of luxury retreats now offer the opportunity to combine your love of yoga with another learning curve. Why not check out a surf and yoga retreat to work on your skills in the sea? Or even take your initial diving qualification course and really put your pranayama skills to good use? 

If you’re not keen on the sea, there are so many more workshops on offer, where teachers and their communities are raring to share their many talents with you. Use yoga retreat booking sites like Go Enjoy, to browse through the variety on offer!

Gain a different perspective 

More often than not, yoga retreats are a trip out of your comfort zone. New people, new environments, new levels of intensity. But with discomfort comes a renewed sense of gratitude for your everyday reality. 

With the variety of retreats on offer growing every year, the widening selection has resulted in each of them becoming more and more unique in their offerings. An increasing number of retreats are now offering an insight into another way of life more in line with the yogic philosophy. Whether this be permaculture, a more ethical diet or an insight into the power of crystals - don’t pass up the opportunity to learn how to integrate the philosophy of yoga into your everyday life. 

In line with the yogic principles, the food offered during retreats has become increasingly ethical, with many retreats now offering solely vegetarian or vegan cuisine. To a seasoned carnivore, this in itself can pose a new challenge but one that should be embraced for the potential learnings it could offer.

Manifesting your way into the new year 

So you’ve got all of these great ideas as to how you’re going to make yourself the best version of you to date in 2020? As you may well know by now, it’s the transformation of these ideas, goals and dreams into your very own tangible reality which is the hard part. 

But, this is where the yoga comes in. No, we’re not talking about the time you spend on your mat here, but the wider philosophy of yoga. Part of which is manifestation. Manifestation is a way of really holding yourself responsible for achieving all that you want to achieve in a given timeframe. Commonly, these manifestations are recreated and reviewed each New Moon, but there’s no reason you can’t just start today. 

What’s more, there is no concrete science to manifestation. For most, simply putting pen to paper and writing yourself a list of goals to achieve will do the trick. Keep yourself motivated by mixing big and little accomplishments and crossing off each manifestation as you complete it. After all, there’s nothing better than a finished to-do list! 

Investing well

To get the most out of any experience you need to invest a little time and dedication. Welcoming in the new year could be the best time to gift yourself the gift of a luxury yoga retreat to start the year off right. It doesn’t have to break the bank but so often we start the year frugally, with days filled with dreary rain, grey skies, and a Christmas comedown. Hardly the right state of mind to be setting you up to achieve all those resolutions hmm?

So how could you invest well this January? Take advantage of the Dry January trend and reinvest funds that would have otherwise been spent on alcohol into savings for your next retreat. With all the January offers going on, now is also the best time to sign yourself up to a studio and get to know the teachers who offer retreats outside of studio hours. 

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself something to look forward to this dreary January, take your resolutions into your own hands and sign yourself up to a yoga retreat with the potential to unlock all of your goals!