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Be a happy human being that lives through love and purpose. This is the way of the yogi.

Yoga teaches that within each human being there resides a great power that when known, generates a strong magnetic energy field. When you unlock your own innate power, through a consistent and dedicated yoga practice, you will experience powerful changes in your life and the way you live. You can think of this as unlocking your own Super Power that connects you to the flow of the universe.  When you are connected your mind becomes clear, your body energized and strong and you have a deep sense of purpose for your life.

Regardless of where you are in your yogic journey, there are always places you can uncover within you that will lead you to a deeper connection to yourself and into the richness of life. This beautiful retreat in Italy will help to strengthen you, both inside and out, create spaciousness within your body so you can expand into the fullness of yourself, and help to relax and quiet your mind. Giving you an inner radiance, a feeling of happiness and satisfaction about life, and connecting you to your highest purpose.

In our 7-day retreat in Italy, we will practice each morning for approximately two hours in a Fusion Yoga style that combines Hatha alignment techniques, slow flow movements, and Kundalini breath and meditation. We will end with relaxation allowing you to settle and be present to fully enjoy your day! We will have a late afternoon practice that is restorative and meditative.


Our location


Umbria, Italy
€1477 Per person per stay
€2053 for single occupancy
In the heart of green Umbria, this hidden gem is tucked amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany. This charming farmhouse has been restored according to the principles of bio-architecture and is ideal for those interested in a change to truly retreat from the world. Get closer to nature and spend your retreat coming into harmony with the natural rhythms of life at this eco-friendly wellness center. With 17 historic rooms, a pool of vitalizing water, three stunning yoga rooms, a restaurant with wonderful vegetarian cuisine, and lots of beautiful outdoor space to enjoy this is a venue not to be missed! The interiors of the farmhouse are in typical Umbrian style, with terracotta floors and exposed beams and bricks. The center is furnished with an original mix of classic and ethnic, which gives charm and elegance to your retreat experience. In their luscious park, surrounded by oaks trees, the swimming pool of natural waters is an amazing privilege. The pool is in the form of a natural pond, surrounded by volcanic boulders, and consists of three basins connected to each other by a system of rocky cascades. It is a place to rejuvenate and find true wellness, with a large Jacuzzi in the center. This Tuscan farmhouse is the perfect place for a nature holiday in the green heart of Italy, with its untouched landscapes lined with historic towns. This retreat center is available year-round, giving you access to Italy throughout all of its breathtaking seasons.



Marisa Toriggino is a preeminent and pioneering yoga teacher with more than three decades of experience teaching yoga. Marisa blends yoga traditions with the current culture of today and offers yoga classes, retreats, training and yogic lifestyle tips online and in person to help everyone experience the power of yoga for today’s needs. She also developed one of the first prenatal yoga training for yoga practitioners and teachers. Pregnant and postpartum women are welcome in all of her offerings.

As a mother of two daughters, a native Californian and splitting her time between California and in her ancestral country, Italy, she is able to lead individuals with an interest in the benefits of the practice of yoga. Yoga truly is for everyone-regardless of experience, ability, personal identity and beliefs.

Her credentials have helped her to understand yoga in order to better help others experience its power and capacity to transform.

Marisa was co-founder and owner of Yoga Garden of San Francisco, a studio she ran for 15 years.


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