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04/07/2020 11/07/2020

Thats Yoga retreat in Portugal

Europe - 7 days


Sound Healing Concert A yoga workshop each morning Afternoon/evening restorative session


We have exclusive use of Brejo Fundeiro retreat for our stay; a 100 year old boutique Manor house with spacious bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, high quality linen and towels included and changed mid-week.

Amazing vegetarian meals every day with tea infusions and freshly baked cake some afternoons.

Yoga and our daily routine
With the luxury of time and space we can not only relax and restore, we can explore elements of each yoga practice to a much deeper level.
Each morning will begin with Pranayama breath work and a yoga workshop which gives me time to work individually with each person and gives you time to absorb all the benefits of everything that yoga has to offer, we finish each and every workshop with a guided relaxation.

A leisurely brunch follows our morning yoga and then you have free time to holiday.

Book wonderful massage in the lovely therapy room of Brejo Fundeiro (this can be done in advance if you wish, at time of booking). Read in the shaded courtyards, snooze by the pool, wander the gardens, walk in the woods, hike on the hills. Or do absolutely nothing.

We will ease into evening with a lovely restorative and restful, softly stretchy yoga gathering.

Experiencing Meditation and Mindfullness in our peaceful tranquil yoga shala, having relaxed chats about our practise and the ‘how to’ of meditation, before wandering off to dine, hopefully al fresco on a nutritious meal freshly prepared just of us.

Your rooms:
We have twin and treble rooms. Almost all have a balcony.
All rooms have single beds and all are en suite.
The two treble rooms are extra large, one actually has two adjoining rooms (a single in one and twins in the other) and shared en suite for the three people in each.
Beds and bath towels are changed mid week. If you wish to have fresh towels daily there is a small charge for each towel change as this whole retreat centre is run as eco-friendly as possible.




Our location

Our home will be a beautiful holistic retreat centre set in a small valley in the forested hills of Central Portugal. Far from the crowds, the centre is a lovingly restored hundred year old manor house with wonderful views of the valley. We hope you will enjoy the stunning views and take a walk through the local forests. During our time together, we encourage you to take a break from any devises that will distract from immersing yourself in the natural beauty of your new surroundings and your experience with Wachuma.

Set in a rural valley surrounded by eucalyptus forest plantation, just think of being located on a farm. The venue consists of the main Manor house (over 100 years old), shaded courtyard garden for al-fresco eating, herb & flower garden, vegetable garden, orchard, yoga shala, swimming pool, ruins in a secluded valley. Perfect setting for your exclusive group retreat in rural central Portugal where mainstream tourism doesn't exist yet.

Here at Brejo in the middle of the peaceful mountainous region of central Portugal, where we still collect spring water to drink from free public springs, bath in mineral water direct from the earth, swim in rivers and lakes and walk through manned forests; where you see no other person.


Bedroom 1: 2 single beds, 1st floor, en-suite

Bedroom 2: 2 single bed, 1st floor, en-suite

Bedroom 3: 2 single beds, 1st floor, en-suite

Bedroom 4: 3 single beds, 1st floor, en-suite

Bedroom 5: 3 single beds, 1st floor, en-suite

Bedroom 6: 1 double bed, 1st floor, en-suite

Bedroom 7: 3 single beds Ground floor, not en-suite

Twin en-suite Bedroom 1
€950 Per person per stay
This en-suite bedroom used to be the original kitchen of the Manor house. One bed is situated under the chimney, which is now blocked off. The main window in the bedroom looks out onto the court yard, while the other looks out on the back patio (It used to be an external door to the patio) Wood floor and ceiling. This room is a bit more separate from the rest of the bedrooms, so we typically put couples in here.
Twin en-suite Bedroom 2
€950 Per person per stay
Twin en-suite bedroom facing the front of the Manor house. The shared (with Bedroom 3) Juliet-balcony overlooks our organic vegetable garden.
Twin en-suite Bedroom 3
€950 Per person per stay
This en-suite bedroom, used to be the master bedroom of the Manor house. The Juliet balcony (shared with bedroom 2) over looks our organic vegetable garden. The 2nd last King of Portugal slept over in this master bedroom during a hunt in our region. However, we had to reduce the size of the master bedroom by building 2 en-suite bathrooms on the one side.
Triple en-suite bedroom 4
€950 Per person per stay
This en-suite triple room, has a Juliet balcony over looking our organic vegetable garden. Wood floors and ceiling. During winter months when the venue is closed, this rooms get used as the living room, which is why it has a build in wood stove.
Triple en-suite bedroom 5A and B
€950 Per person per stay
This en-suite bedroom consists of 3 rooms. You enter the bedroom by walking into bedroom 5A, to the left is bedroom 5B and to the right is the en-suite bathroom. The Juliet balcony is in Bedroom 5A
Triple non-en-suite Bedroom 7
€950 Per person per stay
This budget bedroom is situated on the ground floor with an external door. The bathroom is on the same ground floor, but 6 meters away and shared with the rest of the group as a downstairs toilet during the day. The bathroom has 2 toilets, 2 wash basins, and 2 shower rooms.


Therapies on offer
Swedish or warm bamboo massage
Blissfully Relaxing massage or Deep Tissue massage / Aromatherapy massage / Nourishing natural infused oil massage / Advanced Clinical Massage / Reflexology / Reiki / Rejuvenating Facial and Neck massage / Totally nourished - Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Myofascia release

Other things possible to do
*Wine tasting and Tapas on an organic wine farm about 20 mins drive from Brejo
*Olive / Coconut oil workshops making Olive Oil Soap, or Lip Balm and Moisturising Bar
held at Brejo.
*Boat Cruise in Dornes or in Trizio – cruising down the river and eating locally afterwards.
*Visit the medieval town of Tomar and a guided tour of Convento de Cristo,
the Knights Templar castle of the 12th century and the most complete castle in Europe.
*Stand up Paddle boarding in Dornes or Trizio.
*Canoeing in Zezere River – Cross country mountain biking.

* Meditative sound bath concert with Tibetan and crystal bowls, didgeridoo, chimes etc

Guided tour of Convento de Cristo in Tomar
- €8
The Knights Templar castle constructed in the 12th century is a magnificent building. It is one of the largest and most complete castles in Europe. Inside the castle is the wonderful Convent of Christ. Construction began in the 12th century and it was added to over the centuries. Today it is the best preserved Templar church in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tomar is 45km from Brejo and would take about 45 mins to drive there. This is ideal for a Wednesday, if you come for a week retreat. The optional complete tour of the Castle and the Convent will take about two to two and a half hours. 6 to 8 people €14.00 per person plus 6€ entrance fee 9 to 12 people €10.00 per person plus 6€ entrance fee 13 to 18+ people €8.00 per person plus 6€ entrance fee
Wine tasting at Organic Farm
- €10
This organic wine farm is about 20 mins drive from Brejo, they require minimum 2 days notice 10€ per person with tapas (can all be vegetarian if required), tour and tasting takes 1.5 hour, tasting 3 wines which can be 2 wine + 1 liquor
Boat cruise in Dornes
- €5
Take a slow cruise from Dornes with senhor Hilario who sets off once there are enough people interested onboard: 20 minute cruise with minimum 8 people on board; costs 5 € per person. 60 minutes with 10 to 20 people on board; costs 10 € per person
Adrenaline activities
- €27
Canoeing in Zêzere River – 20€ per person, for a minimum of 8 persons. The minimum cost for the group is 160€, so if there are only 6 persons in the group, the price will be 26,66€ per person and so on Paintball – 20€ per person, for a minimum of 8 persons. The minimum cost for the group is 160€, so if there are only 6 persons in the group, the price will be 26,66€ per person and so on Cross Country mountain biking – 20€ per person, for a minimum of 8 persons. The minimum cost for the group is 160€, so if there are only 6 persons in the group, the price will be 26,66€ per person and so on
- €25
We have 2 different masseuses each offering different massages. Back, Neck and Shoulders, 30 Minutes = 25€ Deep massage, 60 Minutes = 40€ Relaxing massage, 60 Minutes = 35€ -------------------- Deep tissue full body massage, 55 Minutes = 60€ Blissfully relaxing aromatherapy massage , 55 Minutes= 60€ Blissfully relaxing aromatherapy massage, 75 Minutes= 70€ Blissfully relaxing aromatherapy massage, 90 Minutes = 80€ Nourishing natural infused oil massage, 55 Minutes = 60€ Nourishing natural infused oil massage, 75 Minutes = 70€ Nourishing natural infused oil massage, 90 Minutes = 80€ Advanced Clinical Massage, 55 Minutes = 60€ Advanced Clinical Massage, 75 Minutes = 70€ Advanced Clinical Massage, 90 Minutes = 80€ Reflexology, 50 Minutes = 55€ Reiki, 50 Minutes = 55€ Rejuvenating Facial and Neck massage, 30 Minutes = 45€ Nourish yourself top to toe session, 75 Minutes = 70€ Nourish yourself top to toe session, 90 Minutes = 80€ Totally nourished - Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Myofascia release, 75 Minutes = 70€ Totally nourished - Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Myofascia release, 90 Minutes = 80€


We serve various raw and vegan dishes in our standard vegetarian menu, please let us know if you require Vegan only before you arrive.

We make low sugar Jams from most of the fruit, which is served with breakfasts. Some of the Veggies we pickle to produce things like Gherkins, Chutneys, preserves which we serve with lunch.

Then, we 'grow' varieties of Yogurts, to serve with fresh fruit salad, and milk Kefir for probiotics. Then we also make our own: Water-Kefir and Pear-ale, (both flavoured with healing ginger) and Lemon squash, and elderflower syrup which all make a refreshing cold drink. We also grow Kombucha to provide yet another healthy drink for our guests, who wish to fill their gut with all the good bacteria required for building a healthy immune system. Mung bean sprouts, soaked raw oaks, raw gazpacho soup and smoothies helps to eat healthy raw food without thinking about it. In addition, we make and serve plenty of fermented raw foods to boost your microbiome. The home-made bread is made from sour-dough we grow and 'Herman' ; our culture is now 6 years old and have offspring all over the world already. We gladly gift this culture to any guest who is interested in baking their own sour-dough bread.

Our Veg Patch is a huge part of Brejo Tribe life. We were lucky to receive it clean of chemicals (it has been lying dormant for at least 20 years before we accepted the job as Caretakers) and packed with good quality soil.

We LOVE nature and the amazing natural eco system. So we endeavour to eat seasonal (and prevent help creating a market for imported foods, when there is such an abundance of quality tasty local produce in central Portugal) This also extends to our lifestyle, so we do not use poisons and chemicals.

We grow a huge variety of veggies, which feeds the two of us all year round, because we process many of them into pickles, chutneys, pesto etc. But we plant plenty more to use for the retreats too.


Aileen Warbrook

Yoga has always been part of my life and once I made the decision to commit to two years of comprehensive teacher training, I never looked back. It gives me so much pleasure to see people leave class feeling better than they arrived and realising just how powerful and strong they really are.

In my yoga classes my aim is to give you time to develop confidence in your own abilities, a sense of fun and lightheartedness, and ways to be mindful and aware each and every day, allowing you to discover how you move, how it feels as you work your body and how it feels afterwards. Discovering ways to switch off from all the day-to-day worries and mind chatter and replace them with positive thoughts and actions.




3 Meals a day Accommodation

Not included

flights to and from Portugal personal travel insurance one dinner which will be eaten in town airport tax or personal spending


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