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Despacho Ceremony on the night of arriva Daily yoga practice Guided waterfall hike


oin Retreat leader, Heidi L. Audet, for this 7-day retreat and rediscover your sacred vitality, your innate ability to replenish and renew your mind, body and spirit.

In the Andean cultures of Peru, there is a fundamental belief that “energy exists in all things (the spiritual life force) and that this energy needs to be maintained in a balanced state. This energy exists in all-natural forms, including trees, plants, rivers, glaciers, lakes, rocks and high mountain peaks …There is a belief amongst the Quechua people that “all life comes from Mother Earth (Pachamama) and returns to her upon death. When the energy becomes unbalanced or out of alignment, rituals are required to regain equilibrium.” –source

Similarly, Yoga and Ayurveda, both extensions of Samkhya Philosophy, also believe in spirits or energy (Parusha) and in matter, or nature (Prakriti).  When Prakriti is out of balance (known as Vikriti), and we are not in concert with our true nature, we become dis-regulated. We need practices or rituals to bring us back into homeostasis. An Ayurvedic Spring cleanse is an example of one ritualistic practice to regain equilibrium. We will explore these concepts a little deeper during the retreat.

During your retreat, you will be surrounded by beautiful nature and opportunities to experience balanced wellness. This is the perfect retreat for you to gather your friends, siblings, or significant others, and immerse yourselves in the sacred energy of Peru.

Experience daily meditation, pranayama, and a morning yoga asana practice to prepare you for the day; luxuriate in a daily evening restorative yoga class to help you rest, heal and renew at the conclusion of your day.


Our location


Sacred Valley
€1562 Per person per stay
The retreat center’s name translates as “love from the ancient forest.” It is nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees, nourished by a magnificent waterfall in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This lovely spot is in the Andes Mountains and home of the twelve mountains known as Apus—“luminous beings.” Those who come to the center have the opportunity to commune directly with these mountains, as well as with the local curanderos and pacos (healers), who engage with us for ritual and Despacho ceremony. The guests at this center enjoy delicious meals with locally-grown and lovingly-prepared ingredients. Each guest room is a reflection of the Peruvian culture of the Sacred Valley. The entire center embodies kindness, love, and wholeness that seem to permeate the magical place.



Heidi L. Audet, BA, ERYT-500, AHC, is a world traveler, yogi and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. These three passions have fed her desire to bring students on adventures to distant places, where they can explore the world around them and discover their path to whole wellness. This past winter, Heidi spent nearly a month in India to deepen her spiritual studies, and in March, she led an Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in Papagayo, Costa Rica. These experiences reminded her how important it is to connect with the sacred nature of the spaces you visit, and is the impetus for leading this Yoga & Ayurveda retreat in Peru.

Growing up in the Adirondacks in upstate NY kindled Heidi’s love of the outdoors and helped develop her ability to find peace in the heart of nature. She has been a lifelong nutritional enthusiast and wellness promoter who enjoys teaching people about yoga, meditation, personal wellness, and nutrition. Her yoga teaching style is influenced by her 20 years of personal yoga practice and from her studies with her teachers David Swenson, Kimberly Dahlmann, Shiva Rea, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Shari Friedrichsen, & Sandy Anderson. In her world of Ayurveda, Heidi is an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Instructor for the Himalayan Institute, since 2014, and in 2015 became a NAMA-(National Ayurvedic Medical Association) Board-Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, trained by Dr. Rosy Mann, BAM, and Kathryn Templeton, MA, E-RYT 500 at The Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA.

When she is not studying Ayurveda or teaching yoga, Heidi enjoys nourishing her friends and family with her wholesome cooking, and engaging in hiking, traveling, kayaking, biking, and coaching middle school field hockey. Heidi brings her passion for wellness into the world in all aspects of her life. Her gentle manner, sense of humor and compassionate instruction helps put her students at ease. She has been teaching yoga since 2002, and her teaching style draws from 21 years as an educator in the Maine public school systems where she worked with special needs, adults, and at-risk teen populations.


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