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26/03/2022 26/03/2022

One day retreat



You will feel alive You will feel Inspired You will be empowered to make change


Do you feel like your work/life balance has become a juggling act between home chores and sitting at the computer all day?

It feels like its all become enmeshed into one thing as if there is no separation anymore.

You feel isolated from your teams, but you also feel like the family relationships are not quite what they should be , as the school run, becomes the lunch break, the shopping trip to the supermarket has replaced the morning commute, and you feel just as drained at the end of the day as you did when you went into the office. So much so, that you feel devoid of emotion, you can’t find joy in the day because everything just seems vanilla.

You want to make a change but feel stuck and don’t know how to change. Which then becomes frustration because you don’t know why you can’t make a change.

You are scared to fail and scared to succeed

So you just plod on.

The difference with going into the office was you could plan a night out after work. Now you can't be bothered to cook a meal, let alone get dressed up for the occasion, and the wine bottle gets popped open at 5.30pm. You fell anxious because you don't want to commute again, you don't want the expense and you don't even know if your job will be there in the future due to the organisational changes being bought in as a reaction to the pandemic.

It's times like this when you need some space, need to do something different that will get your creativity flowing and get you inspired to start putting some of those dreams and aspirations you once had into achievable goals.

You want to feel alive

You want to feel like life is more than paying the bills

You want to feel excited about the future

You want to do something that you feel passionate about

And you want some time/space to figure things out to bring more meaning to your life.

If this sounds like you, I am holding a manifestation one day retreat on 26th March 2022.

On that day you will;

❤️Find your identity.

❤️Make new friends with like minded people, in a safe, secure space where you can feel free to respectively express yourself.❤️Open your heart energy centre to allow love to flow, so you can leave empowered to take inspired action.❤️Enhance feelings of relaxation, lift your mood and help release your serotonin levels (happy hormones)❤️️Release any deep seated energy blocks that are stopping you from progressing

❤️You will leave with a sense of appreciation for who you are, where you’ve come from and revaluate where you are going

❤️Feel joyous, happy, with a sense of belonging, and focus for a future that excites you..

Your day will be facilitated by fully trained therapists, yogis, and spiritual life coaches.

9am to 10am - Meet and Greet

10.00 - Yoga session

11.30 - Cacao and Sound Healing Ceremony

13.00 - Lunch is provided - please let us know if you have any allergies.

14.10 - Shake up and wake up

14.30 - Presentation and Manifestation Workshop

16.30 - Reflections and goodbyes.

Early Bird Ticket price £97.00, plus eventbrite fee, before 9th March 2022

Full Ticket price £ 150 payable before the workshop

If you would like a payment plan - please contact me to discuss.

Please note that Bobz the Therapy Dog ( French Bulldog) will be present on the day.

The hotel is 8 minutes walk from Marks Tey station.

The hotel will be offering a discount for anyone that books the retreat and wants to make a weekend of it by staying over.

The hotel is also allowing guests to use the spa facilities between 7am and 7pm on the day. A surcharge is payable.


"Before I met Angela, I had big dreams for my future but didn't know how to make them a reality. Throughout the recode and the lenses process Angela has helped me to acknowledge what has subconsciously been holding me back and allowed me to break free from any résistance that I had felt. With Angela’s guidance I was able to visualise my longer, goals and construct plans that will enable me to achieve them. I highly recommend this process as I now feel focussed and driven." Hollie Quinn

"I was feeling stuck in a situation and Angela took me through a simple yet powerful process that helped me to recognise where I am and where I want to be. This gave me the clarity of what is in the way and stopping me from having what I want. We then did a recode session together and afterwards I felt much lighter and able to move forward. Something within my mind has shifted and I know with certainty that my situation is changing and I now understand the steps I need to take to make this happen. I would truly recommend Angela and her authentic happiness coaching, her work is transformational."

Sam Lyndley


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Marks Tey Hotel & Spa


Untied Kingdom



Accommodation can be sourced directly with the venue. If you mention you are going to the retreat day, they will offer you a discount.


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