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Daily yoga practices Free use of spa facilities 6 nights accommodations


Lori Head welcomes all travelers and movement enthusiasts on a retreat of a lifetime to Greece!

She teaches numerous classes, workshops, retreats, and expeditions. Once you have mentally committed to the practice, the rest of the plans fall into place. All of Lori’s classes incorporate inclusion and what the body needs based on the type of day that is yet to come or has passed. For example, the traveler who just lands after a 12-hour flight needs slow stretching from standing position, definitely no more sitting, and becoming grounded and allowing big motor movements. On the other hand, if a participant has just completed a 10-mile hike, she recommends working on the hips and hamstrings which give relief for the next jaunt.

Lori loves a class with varying abilities, as it is a challenge for her as a teacher and believes all body shapes and abilities contribute to the learning curve of the class. All beginners are welcome in all of her classes, as well as advanced. She has taught for nearly 40 years, knowing many variations, accommodations, and alternative moves for the apprehensive student in conjunction with elite athletes.

Lori’s teachings are based on the Iyengar style of yoga but she prefers more flow to each class, with the use of props encouraged but not mandatory. She finds the power of purity when teaching a yoga class that is truly yoga from start to finish, hence willing to teach pilates floor work, gyrokinesis, or an ATM within the Feldenkrais method if the occasion arises, ie. requests. She also enjoys partner stretching if all the students agree, which is great for bonding, sharing friendship, and giggles!!


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This beautifully designed, family-run hotel is nestled on the cliffs of a quiet and peaceful Greek Island. Conveniently located near the bay and within walking distance of sandy beaches. Every room has simple, elegant decor and boasts views of the sea. The hundreds of reviews comment that the staff is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and super helpful and most guests leave feeling like they have made new friends. Their chefs provide healthy, gourmet meals that incorporate fresh organic produce from their garden. They offer full services, from spa to gym to pool. Come and enjoy an authentic Greek experience.


Lori J. Head, Ph.D.

Lori Head has dedicated her entire life to the theme “develop the mind and body equal.” She has danced for dinner, does a cartwheel for pure joy at age 60, and of course, attempts to pet every dog she passes.

She has a BS from Boise State in Physical Education and Science, a MA from Arizona State in Dance/Kinesiology, and a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho with course work at Texas Women’s University and North Texas State in Adult Education.

Some of her accomplishments include performing and skating with the Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice International, being a part of the first ladies gymnastic team at Boise State, owning her dance, yoga, pilates, Gyrotonic, and Feldenkrais studio. She also completed 21 years as a professor at Idaho State University, enjoys a delightful son and daughter, as well as being married 40 years.

Lori HeadYoga is a dancer’s way of letting go of pure dance technique and breathing through delightful stretching routines. As she developed her practice with Iyengar training, many workshops, practicing flow, yin, restorative, and Vin yoga she knew she enjoyed the quiet breathing techniques, the peaceful work-out, and integration of mind and body; hence her studio, Mind Your Body.

Lori’s classes are thematic, body-conscious, doable for all skill levels, all attitudes, and all ages. She has two slogans: “inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard life is hard,” and “if I can not laugh and enjoy what I am doing get another job.” She enjoys requests and suggestions from her students as feedback every day is the key to success. The knowledge she has acquired throughout the years with various modalities has aided in her class adaptability, the use of props, and creativity in every session.

She is certified in: Pilates floor, all equipment, standing, certifies for the northwest for teaching credentials Gyrokinesis, currently working on Gyrotonic certification, Yoga NETA, Feldenkrais practitioner, Professional Skating Association, Water Therapy, CPR, and First Aid recently.


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