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Join Alix and Stephanie for a dreamy retreat in Northern Iceland. Experience the magic of nature, yoga, meditation, sound, Northern Lights, hot springs, soak/sauna, waterfalls, and much, much more!  Nourish yourself with good food and self-care, while being surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

With plenty of time to relax, and also to explore, Alix and Stephanie hope to create a space of healing and rejuvenation for your body, heart, and spirit.

The yoga taught by Alix and Stephanie will include more active all-level Hatha/mindful Vinyasa in the mornings, along with restorative, gentle practices, meditation, sound healing, and yoga Nidra in the evenings. Props will be used as needed. Alix and Stephanie will combine their warm and welcoming nature as well as their sense of humor to provide a safe, comfortable, and joyful space of healing and rejuvenation for all.


Our location


Akureyri, Iceland
€2463 Per person per stay
€2957 for single occupancy
Nestled at the base of some of Iceland’s dramatic mountains, the Mountain Lodge Yoga Retreat is the perfect way to experience the beauty and peace of Iceland. What was once an ancient sheep farm and home to Viking settlements is now a cozy mountain lodge with beautiful cottages and a nature-filled atmosphere. Relax and rejuvenate with the outdoor hot tub, indoor sauna, spa house, and barn-turned yoga room! During the summer months, enjoy endless sunlight and opportunities to explore the local wildlife on the Troll Peninsula. During the colder months, gaze in awe at the northern lights and snow-capped mountains. While staying at this retreat center, you can look forward to delicious, healthy meals, opportunities to hike, ride horses, and explore the local wilderness, and simply relax and enjoy!!



Alix believes the path of yoga is accessible to all people as a means of healing and inner exploration. She started her path of yoga as a teenager when her mom introduced her to her first Iyengar-based instructor as an alternative treatment for her scoliosis. Her teaching reflects over twenty years of experience and studies through various teachers and traditions of yoga, movement, bodywork, and meditation. Alix is a licensed massage therapist and brings a deep understanding of anatomy and hands-on adjustments into her classes. She specializes in yoga therapeutics, specifically back care and scoliosis, and teaches classes, workshops, and retreats both locally and internationally.

Alix finds inspiration and solace in nature and spends her free time exploring the outdoors along with her dog, Peya, through rock climbing, hiking up mountains, skiing, and surfing. At home, she enjoys gardening, cooking, playing music, reading, and taking naps.


Stephanie has been teaching yoga since 2004 and has had the pleasure of teaching in many different countries and cities, holding retreats, workshops, sound healings, and teaching/performing at many music and yoga festivals across the US. She hopes to continue to provide healing spaces and inspiration for others, helping them to feel welcome, supported, loved, and accepted exactly as they are.

She focuses on helping others find their connection to self, spirit, creativity, expression, love, and grief. She teaches her students to tap into the full spectrum of feelings and allow them to be more open in a world that is often so closed.

Stephanie grew up learning many healing tools and practices while also experiencing deep trauma. Through that darkness, she was able to find her light and her true passion, which allows her to hold space for others to feel safe, welcomed, and loved. To her, being able to move our bodies and breathe is a gift. Each day and each passing moment is truly all we have.

Through struggles, one can find their deepest treasures. Yoga has a way of connecting us to the light, and our own resilience. It gives us a space to listen, and to heal. The opportunity for deep listening is what helped her follow her own intuition and creativity, and helped her to learn to channel through voice and sound. She hopes to continue to share in all the ways she can, in hopes to help others find their own way of healing and creating in this world. She is truly happy to play her part in all of it.


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