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01/03/2020 07/03/2020

Meditation, breathwork and yoga retreat in Yelapa



Yoga Breathwork Inner stillness of meditation


Explore a unique, subtle, exploratory and dynamic approach to yoga, breathwork and the inner stillness of meditation with Patricia and Surya, who bring over 35 years of experience to their teaching.  Be inspired to open beyond your usual reference points to awaken to an expanded, enlivened, renewed and attuned sense of Self.

Awaken each day in a room perched right over the sea, the jungle behind you, imbued with the air of the sacred. Practice in a light-filled, spacious, ocean air-filled space and sleep each night listening to the waves, revitalised, renewed, relaxed and re-connected to yourself and to what truly matters in your life.

Each day there will be three sessions. The focus of our sessions is to open energy pathways, quiet the mind and to remember and experience the stillness and ease of our True Nature, the timelessness of Pure Consciousness.


Our location

Yelapa is a small fishing village with no roads, surrounded by high, lush mountains and jungle, therefore no cars.  It is like stepping back in time. Transportation on the narrow paths is by horse and donkey.   The only access to the village is by a 40-minute boat ride from Puerto Vallarta.  Nature is ever-present at Pura Vida, with giant whales occasionally emerging from the sea directly in front and over 350 species of birds in the jungle behind.

Pura Vida is a newly opened retreat centre situated at the far south end of the small bay that is Yelapa.  The only access to the centre is by a narrow path that winds along the edge of the sea, about 15 minutes walk from the small village,  affording a beautifully remote and tranquil retreat environment.   The rooms are spectacular – open the prana filled air and overlooking the sea, each with a private bathroom and hot showers.   The dining area is open to the surrounding environment with views of the sea on one side and jungle on the other.


All rooms are perched on the side of a hill with a sweeping view of the sea.

Double room
€1270 Per person per stay
All rooms have a fabulous view of the sea


There are three sessions each day which will include yoga asana, meditation and breathwork.


The food is locally sourced - vegetarian and fish.  We can accommodate special food needs.


Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown began teaching yoga in 1981, offering a path to what lies beneath the surface, creating a sacred environment to explore through asana, pranayama, sacred movement, meditation, and breathwork, the ease, openness, compassion and inherent wisdom of Divine Love that is our true home. Her interest and teaching offers a self-referred, intuitive sensing of our original essence and an embodied enquiry into the pulse and interplay of form and formlessness thru present moment awareness, inner listening, attuning to the felt sense, becoming aware of and releasing self-limiting patterns, and learning to invite and attune to a heightened energetic vibration for health, well-being, and spiritual sustenance. Patricia creates a sacred container for a deeply self-referenced exploration and acts as a facilitator to the vast resource of the mystery beyond form, the boundless bliss and Embodied Awareness of Divine Love.

Surya Chandra Das

Surya-Chandra Das began studying hatha yoga and meditation in 1988 and has taught classes and yoga retreats since 1990. His studies influence his teaching of yoga asana and pranayama with T.K.V. Desikachar in Madras, India, Victor van Kooten, Angela Farmer, Richard Miller, a variety of teachers in the Iyengar tradition and the teachings of yin yoga. Studies in Authentic Movement, Breathwork and Continuum Movement have contributed to his interest in exploring the formless contained within the form of yoga postures. Surya has also been influenced by the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, who stressed the need for each individual to directly discover their truth without dogma, ritual, or technique.

Surya has also been studying with Dr Joe Dispenza, connecting the ancient teachings of the East and new understandings in Quantum Physics. He finds these modern scientific developments, such as the nature of the quantum field, allows those of us educated in the “western mind” to more fully understand and integrate the time-honoured teachings of Yoga into our daily lives.

Surya-Chandra is a long-time student of Vipassana meditation and Advaita, the non-dual tradition of Ramana Maharshi, having studied with Ramesh Balsakar, Adyashanti and others.




All session and meals


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