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“Kefi” is a word known to Greeks that means bliss, joy, happiness, and passion. It’s a way of life that includes being present, living each day to the fullest, enjoying the company of others, smiling, laughing, and allowing yourself time to rest. The spirit and meaning of Kefi are the inspiration for this retreat and the principle that will guide our journey together.

We invite you to join us in paradise. This special retreat has been designed to both ignite your passion and zest for life, as well as nourish and restore your soul at the deepest levels. This delightful combination of Yin and Yang options, as well as the guidance of three experienced teachers, will create the ideal conditions for rejuvenation, transformation, inspiration, and the essence of “Kefi”.

The opportunities to ignite your inner spark will be found in the morning Yoga classes, which will be more active and Flow-based, but accessible to all levels, and always ending with a sublime relaxation and/or meditation. Afternoons and/or evenings we will have the option to enjoy more nourishing practices to fill your cup, such as Yin, Restorative, and/or Yoga Nidra.

We will fill our days with things that bring us joy.  Sun and sea, adventure, delicious cuisine, exploring, experiencing the culture, and just “being”. There is much to be discovered and enjoyed, and you can fill your days as you please!

This retreat will offer a variety of Yoga styles, to meet the needs of each student. We start each morning with a Slow Flow or Vinyasa class offered on alternating days. These morning options include meditation and/or relaxation and are a great way to center your mind, stretch your body, and prepare for an exciting day in paradise!

Yin, Restorative, and/or Yoga Nidra will be offered most afternoons and/or evenings as a way to wind down from the day’s activities and prepare for a beautiful evening and restful night’s sleep.


Our location


€1597 Per person per stay
This beautifully designed, family-run hotel is nestled on the cliffs of a quiet and peaceful Greek Island. Conveniently located near the bay and within walking distance of sandy beaches. Every room has simple, elegant decor and boasts views of the sea. The hundreds of reviews comment that the staff is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and super helpful and most guests leave feeling like they have made new friends. Their chefs provide healthy, gourmet meals that incorporate fresh organic produce from their garden. They offer full services, from spa to gym to pool. Come and enjoy an authentic Greek experience.



Carole has been practicing Yoga since 1995, and teaching since 2005. She has practiced in a slender body, a curvy body, and every size in between. Through the highs and lows of her life including; marriage, career changes, pregnancies, parenthood, dreams come true, broken hearts, injuries, post-surgery, personal growth, family crisis, and love.

Teaching thousands of students from all over the world, and seen thousands of different bodies and body types on the mat. No two of us are alike. All are welcome.

Her life experiences and extensive education inform and influence what she teaches and how.

Yoga is her life. It nourishes and feeds her love for connection, community, learning, travel, cooking, nature, the ocean, her daughters, and her husband.

She invites you to be curious, to explore every nuance of being human, and to accept yourself as you are. That is true Yoga, both on and off the mat.


Mary has been involved in yoga for the last 15 years. Her teaching career began with kids and family yoga, which instantly taught her not to take herself too seriously. Above all, yoga training taught her to strive for patience with herself and the world.

Her goal is to take the intimidation factor out of yoga and promote a welcoming environment. Her classes seek to physically challenge and emotionally center her students. She hopes her students always leave class feeling better than when they entered.

She is passionate about travel, wine, music, friendship, and yoga. Her motto: Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn.


Cindy started practicing yoga in 2008 as a way to improve flexibility and balance while augmenting her workouts. She then went on to earn her RYT200 in 2013.

She is passionate about exercise and could be described as a “gym rat”! She brings her passion for exercise to the yoga mat. Her classes are filled with lots of energy and fun. She pushes her students to work hard while encouraging them to honor the limitations in their bodies that change from day-to-day. Her style includes power, Vinyasa flow, and Yin yoga.

Teaching yoga has allowed her to grow as a person and as an athlete by giving her patience and stamina. She loves meeting new faces and sharing her passion for yoga with others.


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