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12/02/2022 19/02/2022


Costa Rica


Guided On-Site Eco Tour Daily yoga practices Personal retreat time


How would it feel to LET GO, to just BE YOU and to FLOW LIKE WATER in a remote and lush corner of southern Costa Rica where the rainforest meets the sea?  The Osa Peninsula is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth where there are giant trees, pot-bellied spider monkeys, harpy eagles, prowling jaguars, herds of white-lipped peccary, northern and southern humpback whales, beautiful sea turtles, playful dolphins and so much more!

Aligning with nature, each day begins with a group meditation walk followed by a flowing series of asanas (vinyasa) linked by the breath, designed to build strength and stamina in the body and tranquility in the mind. This class will be a sweet mindful flow that is suitable for all levels and will prepare you for the day ahead.   Evening practices will include Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra/Meditation, Yin, and Daily Reflection that will allow time to let all your good days work crystalize so that it becomes permanent and real.

Karma yoga will include a cultural opportunity to serve the local community that will foster the qualities of compassion and selflessness deep within, taking the yoga practice truly off-the-mat.

There will be opportunities for exploring the local wildlife and waterfalls, the many incredible ecosystems, mangrove forests, rainforests; kayaking, zip-lining, horseback riding, surfing, as well as having time for relaxation and reflection on the warm sunny beaches.

This retreat location is a place to relax the mind, to release tension in your body, to be present…so you can FLOW LIKE WATER  in one of the most amazing places in the world.   IT IS POSSIBLE to BE LIKE WATER – join us and you will see it.


Our location


Playa Uvita
€1892 Price per stay
Beautiful, eco-friendly accommodations situated amidst acres of lush gardens, hiking trails, and a secluded jungle trail leading to Playa Uvita, a beautiful beach (only a 15-minute walk). The atmosphere of the retreat center is simple, healthy, and relaxed. Rooms are single or double occupancy. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared daily and include healthy vegetarian options along with fish and/or chicken. The food is organic when available and prepared with nourishing ingredients. Gorgeous bungalow-style accommodations all with huge ocean views, where you can see Ballena National Marine Park, the rainforest, and much more. All of the rooms are made from reforested wood from our trees planted on the same land 20 years ago. The architecture includes local craftsmanship using wood, stone, shell, and sand.



Kerry McKenzie is an E-RYT 500 hour certified yoga teacher. She began to deepen her yoga practice over 10 years ago when she was faced with the reality of having to undergo yet another knee surgery. She was feeling helpless, depressed, and scared that she would not be able to have the life that she loved adventure and physical activity. Soon, she turned those doubts into action by studying the physical, mental, and spiritual side of yoga so she could help herself physically, calm her mind, and connect with something greater than herself. She completely fell in love with yoga. She began teaching vinyasa, restorative, and yin soon after completing her 200-hour certification and she hasn’t stopped studying (and never will). She studied yoga Nidra, Ayurveda wellness, and yoga therapy, completed her RYT 500 level, and now has put in over 1,000 teaching hours that include studio classes, private sessions, yoga teacher training, workshops, karma yoga, kids yoga, and more. Her most adventurous and unforgettable accomplishment was successfully co-leading a yoga retreat in Peru in 2018.

She currently resides in Pickens, SC with her wonderful husband and yoga teaching partner, David White, and their 2 dogs. She works as a naturalist guide and kayak instructor for Jocassee Lake Tours, program coordinator for Jocassee Wild Outdoor Education, national trainer, and consultant for Choosy Kids, and wellness coach and yoga instructor through her own business Whole Again Wellness. She believes that we continue to learn about ourselves and the world around us to find out what makes our heart sing, our spirit soar, and then have the courage to live from this place of authenticity, to live our true nature as spirit.


David White was introduced to yoga decades ago by his brother when he showed him one of the sun salutations which he integrated into his morning meditation and movement…but it was about 15 years ago when he started practicing in a yoga studio. He met Kerry McKenzie in 2007 and they started doing yoga together and immersed more fully when Kerry started teaching. In 2015, Kerry and David spent a week in the Bahamas at the Sivananda Ashram for a weeklong yoga Nidra certification course. In 2018, David provided a supportive role on a yoga retreat in Peru that Kerry co-led, including logistics, leading hikes, and meditation as well as music. In 2019, he completed his RYT200 level at Integrative Yoga Therapy in Easley, SC, and soon started teaching, primarily vinyasa, filling in for teachers as needed. As a musician, David partnered with Kerry in leading several sound healing and Yin workshops. He loves sharing the practice of yoga, breath and movement and all that it brings with it.

David’s ‘career’ work has been centered around plant/forest ecology which he was drawn to, in large part, because of the interconnectedness of all things and the role humans play in that balance. Outside of work and music, his passion is being in nature, hiking, immersing in water, kayaking, building footbridges, and trails… Yoga and immersion in ecology and nature share important elements: the interconnectedness of all things, meditation, and something we sometimes overlook – the empowering state of being present.

He currently lives in Pickens, SC with his amazing wife, Kerry McKenzie, in a forested paradise with a garden, trails, and 2 wonderful dogs. As an ecologist, he worked for the US Forest Service for 18 years and now does contract work as an ecologist. As an old-time/Appalachian fiddler and banjo player, he has played for contra dances for years (none since Covid19) as well as for performances and recorded a couple of CDs. As a kayak instructor and naturalist, he has co-lead Kayak tours with Kerry for Jocassee Lake Tours and plan to lead tours as a naturalist guide this year.


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