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07/04/2020 12/04/2020

Easter Yoga Retreat in the French Countryside

Europe - 5 days


Daily Yoga Classes Wild nature & fresh local food All-all-all Inclusive


Come Home to Yourself.

We invite you to take an Easter break and to do so only for yourself. We're taking our yoga to the beautiful and peaceful French countryside. You’ll have a chance to immerse yourself in your well-being while enjoying the best treats of southwestern France: Charm of a centuries-old farm-hamlet, long dinners and the famous French “joie de vivre”, farmers’ markets and local vineyards, splendid nature and tranquil ambience. This is exactly the place where you can just be. Yourself. And at home.



Our location

The Happy Hamlet is an old farm-hamlet that dates back centuries, built with the beautiful white Quercy stones. The Napoleonic land register shows our settlement was habited by five families – a lot had taken place already before them, and a lot in between them and us. The last duty of the property, before turning into the Happy Hamlet, was serving as a goat cheese farm. The products were, and are still as production continues nearby a popular local treat.

Now it’s our pleasure to give this old beauty a new breath of life and you are welcome to join us.

We’re located in the beautiful and rather untouched region on the Southwest French countryside. An hour north of Toulouse, 2 hours from Bordeaux, and 2.5 hours from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. Plenty of medieval villages around to explore and to experience the more authentic France as it is today.


Sweet dreams guaranteed...


You will stay in the Guest House of The Happy Hamlet, which centuries ago was home for several families and now has been turned into a place for feeling good. The charming rooms (double, twin or triple) have each an ensuite bathroom with a window. The house has been renovated by preserving as much of the old as possible, yet keeping the comfort in mind. Many recycled treasures have been given new life allowing them to tell you their stories from the past.

The huge barn will be your lounge, salon and kitchen whenever you wish, and the vast property offers woods and prairies, fields and valleys for you to explore. You are welcome to enjoy the organic produce from the garden whenever you feel like having a healthy snack. With the sessions and discussions, other activities and visits you will surely have plenty to do, to explore and to experience – but you will certainly have your free time, too. Nothing beats the hammock under the trees for good relaxation!

At night, once in bed, you’ll be guaranteed a good night’s sleep because the only background noise will be the owl informing that everything is.. just fine.

Guest Room
€1400 Per person per stay


Breathe the fresh air. Free the spirit. Revive your body.


The morning classes are focusing on the Sun/Yang -energy in opening and strengthening our bodies. We will start with a short meditation and pranayama (breathing practice) before we set ourselves to move more dynamically. Our morning asana practice is an energizing Hatha Vinyasa class to wake up the body and clear the mind with a sweet final relaxation to balance your practice. Often we finish our practice with a short meditation.

The evening practice is a Moon/Yin yoga practice. Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that is based on 5 elements of Chinese medicine and meridian lines of the body. In Yin Yoga practice we will stay in restful positions for a longer period of time, usually a few minutes in each asana. Instead of using the muscles, we dive deep into the fascia of the body. It is a beautiful opportunity to meet whatever is arising from the stillness within, to get to know ourselves better, while giving the body the nurturing and opening it needs. After the asana practise we will enjoy a blissful long relaxation with music or Tibetan bowl sound bath.

In between the classes and tasty meals you can steal a moment for yourself and your book, curl up in a hammock tucked away under the trees. If you wish to get more active physically, the surroundings are perfect for walks or jogging, and we need to add, that “the Hamlet Hike” around the property with Nicolas has been very popular – just don’t wear your high heels! If the weather permits you may dip into the natural swimming pool (no chlorite nor other chemicals!) or no matter rain or shine, we’ll heat up the sauna for you to relax and enjoy the views.

Our program is based on a “go with the flow” mentality, this is time for your nurturing, after all! You may participate in our little visits in the region – but it’s completely fine if you wish to stay “home” in the Hamlet. Since in France, we’ll do some wine-tasting at our friends’ vineyard, we’ll also be happy to take you to a local “brocante” (seller of old goods), if you’re into treasure hunting, and departure day morning, if your travel plans allow, we’ll pick up the freshest from the nearby farmers’ market and enjoy a champagne brunch before the “au revoirs”. That is, “until we meet again” – because we think you might want to return...


In France they say "Bon Appétit" - and they mean it, literally!


Meals are prepared with love and attention from own organic produce combined with the offering from the local farmers. The region’s wine selection is impressive, and you will be able to taste and find your favorites both during the meals as well as the visits to the vineyards.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all drinks are included. You’re really meant to feel “at home”, which means that you’re welcome to enjoy anything from the garden or kitchen whenever you feel like a healthy snack – or have a glass of wine by the pool if that’s what would make you happy right there and right then.

You can join the “Hamleters” and visit one of the daily markets to hand-pick all the fresh goodies from the nearby producers.


Anu Karoliina

In the hands of an experienced and inspiring instructor.


My passion for teaching yoga springs from my natural calling to guide people to find inner peace and joy through a yoga practice; yoga is a powerful self-healing tool that can remarkably enhance your well-being in everyday life. I believe yoga is universal, there is a yoga for everyone regardless of age, shape or background. I consider that the actual purpose of a yoga mat is to take all of our worries and cares, so we can rise and step off from it after the practice feeling lighter and happier time after time.

For the past years, I have been studying and teaching yoga intensively in Bali, Finland and France. I am well accustomed to teaching various levels of students, from total beginners to intermediate practitioners. Although instead of advanced acrobatics, I tend to focus more on the authentic connection between the breath and the movement, guiding the students to a really all-encompassing rejuvenating experience – a whole body moving meditation. To me, yoga is much more than just a physical practice and I often create my classes focusing on particular themes and pay a lot of attention into sequencing them accordingly. The small group size in this retreat will naturally allow an adequate amount of individual attention and guidance in classes.

My teaching style is clear, smooth, precise, yet gentle so each individual can find their own pace of progressing in their practice. I give a lot of attention to create a seamless, full-body experience with pranayama, asana and meditation for you from the first Om to the last one. I find it important to challenge the body and the mind, maybe shed together with a few drops of sweat but allow everyone to listen to their own bodies’ needs. I regularly get thanks for creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere for classes, so there will most likely be some laughter from time to time too! I do believe everyone will benefit tremendously from having their home practice. Hopefully, after this retreat you will have your own practice to take back with you to live happier and fuller life on and off the mat!


English French Finnish Czech


Natural Swimming Pool Sauna (in a barrel!) 13 ha of own land with forests, prairies, bamboos.... Huge barn as common area Hammocks Bicycles Wifi in common areas Boutique / Local products Petanque Several Terrases Outdoors Garden & fruit trees


EVERYTHING: food, drinks & snacks HUGE property with peace&calm ALL visits: wine-tasting&farmers' market ALL classes (twice a day) ALL props for yoga GUIDED Hamlet Hike w/Nicolas GROUP transfer from/to Toulouse Airport

Not included

Airfares Travel insurance


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