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Daily yoga practices Use of the swimming pool and hot tub Personal retreat time


In this week-long retreat, we’ll center the yogic teaching of Tejas, the spark of consciousness that drives us to aspire and directs our willpower towards that which ignites our sense of purpose, belonging, and radiance. Relationship with this vital essence reveals our truth, invites us to savor the beauty, and revel in what is possible in life. It builds our stamina to stay awake always, whether during the highest of highs – when we want to cling- and through the strongest of suffering – when we want to push away and hide. Tejas bridges the innate wisdom in our hearts with our mind’s architectural capacity, creating a life that reflects the expression of our soul.

Yoga invites us to be in a relationship with our soul essence, and the inexhaustible well of love and creativity we enjoy when this connection is alive. Yoga also allows us the opportunity to shift our relationship to the inner voices and patterns we struggle with most. Our inner critics, judgers, and cagers cause us to shrink and abandon ourselves. These voices are a part of us, so pretending they aren’t or falsely exiling them doesn’t work. The secret is acceptance, understanding the limiting beliefs they are sourced in, and disarming their power to narrate the experience and continue writing the story of our lives. Yoga offers freedom and supports a vibrant relationship with our whole selves. We welcome it all in this retreat and learn as we gain insight, activate inner knowing, and nurture compassion to illuminate the grace and gift of our lives.

We’ll explore both the philosophy and the practices that activate this vital essence called Tejas, and co-create sacred, transformational space together. The practice portion will include breath-centered, vitalizing – slow flow yoga, breathwork (pranayama), meditation, yoga nidra, self-inquiry prompts, dharma talks, and writing. We will also explore the gorgeous surroundings of this Baja desert landscape, magnificent Pacific shoreline, bask in star-lit nights, and the abundant nourishment Baja, Mexico offers.

Amie teaches a slow flow, breath-centered yoga practice intelligently sequenced to bring about specific mental and energetic effects. Her style is inclusive, clear, and warm. She caters to the individual while remaining connected to the collective community present in her classes. She highly respects the transformative practices of pranayama, meditation and yoga Nidra and infuses these more subtle practices consistently to honor the comprehensive roots of this ancient tradition. Her main influences are the tantric hatha yoga system known as Parayoga, founded by Yogarupa Rod Styker, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and various senior teachers from the Himalayan Institute including Shari Friedrichsen, and Elena Brower among the dozens she’s received from over her 20 years of study. Nature was her first teacher and continues to be an intimate part of her practice and inspiration.


Our location


Baja, Mexico
€1961 Per person per stay
€2536 for single occupancy
Enjoy the beauty of Baja, Mexico at this gorgeous oceanfront center. Walk for miles or ride horseback on the spectacular beaches, snorkel in the Sea of Cortez, or relax by the pool, in the hot tub, or in a hammock. Practice yoga in the two unique studios with lovely bamboo floors and expansive windows looking out to the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. Dine on delicious organic Mexican and international cuisine as you watch the sunset over the Pacific. Then fall asleep to the calming sound of waves on pillow-top mattresses and organic sheets. Immerse yourself in nature with trails to view the diverse flora and fauna and the possibility of seeing hatching sea turtles or humpback whales. Relax and renew your mind and body at this luxurious center with golden sand beaches in the south of Baja, Mexico. The center features luxurious rooms – with their clean lines and understated elegance – you will drift off into a deep sleep listening to the sound of the crashing waves as they break on the beach. All rooms have views of the ocean and the gardens. The rooms have polished travertine floors, pillow-top mattresses with 300 thread-count organic sheets, beautiful, custom-crafted teak and rattan furniture, and travertine bathrooms with organic bath towels.



Amie is a nature enthusiast, adventurer, and lifelong learner particularly motivated by the intersection of mind/body traditions of the East and modern research sourced in neuroplasticity in the West. A yoga and meditation teacher since 2004, she regards the systems of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as some of the best technologies available to sustain health in the body, cultivate stability and resilience in the mind, and open pathways to the heart. Amie began practicing yoga in 1999 while traveling with a friend in Mexico. Like so many, her curiosity led to dedicated practice and soon after the desire to share these timeless, transformative practices. Amie received her first teaching certifications in 2003 and 2004 through the Integral Yoga Institute. In 2007 she began studying with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of Parayoga, and received the esteemed Level 1 certification in 2014. Mentorship with Parayoga offered significant training with the practices and profound impacts of pranayama, meditation, mantra, and yoga Nidra. These studies led her into the systems of Sri Vidya, tantra, and the lineage of the Himalayan Masters. Amie continues to study with Rod Stryker, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, and senior teachers of the Himalayan Institute. She hosts group classes, Advanced Yoga Studies courses, regional and international retreats, and works privately with individuals.

Also a lifestyle photographer, Amie is a visual storyteller who loves to capture the wonder of the world around her. She recently took part in documenting the release of wolves into Isle Royale National Park and photographed an intimate tour in the south of India. She filmed a TEDx talk last fall entitled “The Radical Sabbatical and the Power of Pressing Pause.” She lives in Madison, WI, with her husband and two daughters. Learn more about Amie at her website


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