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Blooming Lotus 4 or 7 Day Yoga Bliss Retreat



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The Blooming Lotus Yoga School offers an evolutionary integration of the sacred wisdom and knowledge of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedanta in the astonishing jungles of Bali. These affordable and intimate courses offer an ideal retreat in which students can deepen themselves in the yogic lifestyle while learning the art of teaching yoga.


The 7-Day Yoga Bliss Retreat starting every Sunday is a perfect choice if you are ready to expand your practice while enjoying the vast beauty of Bali.  Ideal for both beginner and intermediate students, this retreat focuses on empowering you to develop a strong foundation in the essential practices of yoga asana and meditation so you can practice with peace and confidence on your own.


While immersing in the luxurious, peaceful, and pristine natural surroundings of our world-class luxury villas, you will also have the opportunity to bathe yourself in the amazing culture and natural environment of Bali.  With its ample selection of art, dance, music, ceremonies, temples, beaches, jungles, volcano treks, and waterfalls prepare to experience one of the world's most outstanding islands. If you are looking for a stress-free holiday in a peaceful, loving, fun, nurturing, and compassionate community with inspiring yoga teachers guiding you in an intimate setting, this retreat is a rare gem of inner peace—one that promises to renew, restore and rejuvenate you from deep within.

Note: We also offer the possibility of a 4-Day Yoga Escape Retreat.


We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our courses and yoga retreats.


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The cost of attendance ranges from USD $800 to USD $1,400, depending on the accommodation of choice.

Blooming Lotus Yoga
€2000 Per person per stay
With spacious rooms, private plunge pools in each villa, in-suite kitchenettes, full-sized bathrooms, and a friendly, full-time staff who will attend to your every need, our yoga resort venue provides tropical, outdoor living to connect with the magnificent natural surroundings. We offer three different room types to choose from based on the level of privacy required and affordability. The cost of attendance ranges from USD $2,000 to USD $3,900, depending on accommodation selection. We invite you to visit our website for additional information regarding the beautiful on-site accommodations.


All yoga retreat packages include two meals per day, breakfast and dinner, at Amrita—our in-house vegan restaurant. Through conscious, ethical, and humane choices we serve food that is good for you, good for our planet, and good for all of its creatures. Following the yogic principle of ahimsa (non-violence), a vegan diet contains no animal products. Our menu is completely free of meat, dairy, and eggs—an ideal yogic diet that supports your practices in the healthier way.



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