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28/08/2020 31/08/2020

Be at Ease: a Forrest Yoga retreat



Yoga Amazing food! Beautiful location


Join Sandra Robinson and Claire Mace for four days and three nights on retreat, featuring workshop-length Forrest yoga sessions, a wander through myth-soaked Snowdonia, and other activities that will soothe your soul.

Many people live with ongoing stress, anxiety or worry, whether it is front-of-mind, or subtly present in the background. How can you change your relationship and reactions to the stressors of work, family, expectations and information overload, so you can live a more easeful life

During this retreat you will be encouraged to unplug, down-regulate your nervous system, recharge your batteries, and explore Being at Ease. Everything is optional: if you find that what you need to do is sleep, you are welcome to do so.

In the mornings you will experience three hour Forrest yoga sessions with different levels of challenge on offer, so you can explore how to find ease amid intensity.

If you enjoy walking, you can join an afternoon hike up past waterfalls to the ancient hill fort of Dinas Emrys, a site famously associated with many Welsh legends including that of Myrddin (Merlin) and the warring dragons.  There will be other sessions on offer for soothing and down-regulating the nervous system, including Restorative yoga, storytelling in the library, and a tea ceremony featuring local plants and herbs.

Trigonos is one of North Wales’ loveliest retreat venues, set amid the stunning Snowdonia scenery.  The rooms are comfortable and the chefs are exceptional: you will enjoy healing, nourishing food, much of it locally grown and organic.


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£799 single ensuite room (Trigonos)
€799 Price per stay
£799 single ensuite room at Trigonos
£699 single non-ensuite room (Trigonos)
€699 Price per stay
£699 single non-ensuite room at Trigonos
£599 twin non-ensuite room - shared with 1 other (Trigonos)
€599 Price per stay
£599 twin non-ensuite room at Trigonos


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