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16/01/2022 22/01/2022




Somatic and Yogic practices Reflective practices and Dharma talks Karma Yoga Service Project


Join us for 6 days and nights wandering into different experiences that will expand our state of relaxation, giving us more capacity to ignite the light of the soul!


In the body through Somatic and Yogic practices to regulate the nervous system

In the mind through reflective practices and Dharma talks

With community through ceremony, singing, and sharing, and

With the Earth through grounding practices, rituals and exploring nature and the indigenous ways of the local people

Are you ready to release the story and AWAKEN LOVE? If so, join us! January 2022!!!


Our location


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
€1647 Per person per stay
€1895 for single occupancy
The retreat will be held at an intimate full-service lakefront hotel and yoga center on Lake Atitlán. All rooms have breathtaking views, natural decor, and outdoor spaces. The property has lush gardens, a full-service spa area with a hot tub and a sauna, a fair-trade boutique, a juice bar, and many places to hide away with a good book. Their cafe offers nourishing homemade vegetarian meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets are abundant, and fish and chicken are available for an additional fee.



Yoga found Amber more than a decade ago while she was living in South Korea teaching English to school-aged children. Her first Yoga instructor, Sun, didn’t speak any English so the two women traded English lessons for Yoga lessons. Even though there wasn’t much the two could share with each other verbally because of the language barrier, it felt as though there were lifetimes of emotions and sensations shared as Sun guided Amber deep into her body and back to her soul. As Amber allowed her breath to guide her deep within, she felt her body soften, she felt her mind calm, she felt the world a little kinder and she felt her soul alive once again.

Shortly after adopting a daily Yoga practice, Amber journeyed out to discover Yoga in other parts of Asia including: the Philippines, China (Tibet), Nepal and India where she was trained in traditional Hatha Yoga and completed her 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification. Amber completed her 500hr level certification in Therapeutic Yoga through Subtle Yoga (Kaoverii Weber) in 2012. She is currently the Director of Teacher Trainings and Immersions at Asheville Community Yoga, a non-profit/donation based Yoga studio that serves more than 17,000 practitioners located in Asheville, North Carolina.

In addition to her role in both Teacher Trainings and Immersions, Amber teaches weekly donation-based classes, one of which she calls “Yoga for Women.” In this class, Amber takes great joy in guiding women in finding connection; connection to breath, connection to body, connection to femininity, connection to Self (wisdom and grace) and connection to community. She is astounded by the growth she has witnessed in this group of women as individuals and as a collective. The experience Amber has had with this women’s class has inspired her to co-create “Awakening Love ~ A Women’s Workshop Series and Retreat” with her dear friend Luna Ray, a nationally recognized singer/songwriter and yoga teacher with deep roots in the path of Bhakti Yoga.

Amber’s passion is service and Karma Yoga. She knows first hand the power Yoga has to transform and it is her life’s mission to serve through Yoga, guiding others through the transformations she has received through committed practice. Her style of teaching ranges from gentle, restorative and meditative to strong, focused, flow sequences.

In addition to being a Yoga Teacher and working at Asheville Community Yoga, Amber takes great joy in serving her beloved partner, Michael, and their three-year-old son, Asher, in the domestic realm. She is beyond grateful for this extraordinary life shared with family and community and the teachings of Yoga that allow her to experience it all more fully!

Below is a quote that inspires Amber’s daily practice: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi


Luna Ray is a mother, a teacher of yoga, a workshop and retreat leader, kirtan musician and recording artist, and an activist for conscious and empowered community collaboration. As an advocate for wellness and spiritual growth, Luna works with the deep intention of inspiring and encouraging humans to cultivate an awareness of their inherent wisdom. Luna believes that by coming together and using the tools of yoga, including mantra and meditation, we are led to our hearts deepest desires, and we build the strength to act upon them.

Luna has been a student and practitioner of yoga, mantra, music, and meditation for the past 20 years, and a teacher for over 10 years. She is 200 hr certified, and her primary study of yoga philosophy has been tantra through the teachings of Rod Stryker and ParaYoga. She is devoted to the practice of Bhakti yoga, (yoga of devotion) and deeply influenced by teachers Russill Paul, Rama Jyotir Vernon, Krishna Das, and Ram Das. Luna has recorded and co-produced 3 albums that feature nationally known artists including, Wah!, Girish, and David Newman. She has traveled and taught extensively throughout the world weaving ancient yoga tradition, heartfelt music and mantra to deeply touch the souls of many.


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