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22/05/2022 27/05/2022

6 Day Aerial Yoga Retreat in Guatemala



Aerial Yoga Volcano Hike Coffee Roastery tour and coffee tasting


Take some time away just for yourself. Reconnect with nature, your practice, and let the soul rejuvenate.

Step away from your busy life and immerse yourself in yoga practice, chanting, meditation, and workshops. Connect with nature and all it brings in the land of eternal spring.

Take in the quiet of the mountains away from the tourist bustle in lovely Milpas Altas just outside the picturesque town of Antigua.

Enjoy discovering new heights as you take flight with Aerial Yoga and ground yourself as you deepen your practice with Hatha and Yin Yoga.

When I talk about yoga and aerial I am not talking about fitness but a way of life. Yoga is a way of life, a living philosophy of mind, body, and spirit, it is about learning to reconnect with one's body and listening to its needs and limitations, to be at home and fully whole in and of oneself.

This retreat is for everyone interested in a more holistic yoga lifestyle as well as for anyone needing a break from work stress to reconnect and recharge.

This retreat will have a maximum of 9 participants but will go ahead with just one person. Our retreats are designed to maximise personal attention to make it so much more special.


Our location

Campo Alegre is an event venue situated in the hills of Milpas Altas. It has beautiful garden areas and lovely open spaces for both yoga and aerial yoga. Since 2021 Campo Alegre has been home to Celestial Dance and is exited to host her retreats.

Just 15 minutes from the tourist town of Antigua we are situated in a residential quiet area perfect for relaxation.

Milpas Altas is at a higher altitude it is advisable to pack some warm socks and a thick jumper for the early mornings and evenings.

We have the luxury of having beautiful views of at least two of the volcanos and tempratures during the day are pleasant. You might be lucky and observe squirrels, a variety of birds (humming birds if you are lucky) as well as a multitude of butterflies (depending on season).

However as we are on a hill slope it will get chilly after 5pm and will remain so until about 9am.


On the site we have 5 beautiful little lodges which allows us to host small intimate retreats of a maximum of 9 people.

Each lodge has a spacious double bedroom as well as a living room and private bathroom.  This is not luxury accommodation but has a cosy, homey feel. Each lodge has a second room which allows for twin instead of double occupancy as well.

Private lodge
€709 Per person per stay
€727 for single occupancy
Our private accommodation allows for a tranquil and rejuvenating stay. Each cabana has a beautiful double bedroom as well as a second bedroom with spaciouse bank beds, private bathroom, and living room. Suited for couples or friends The cabana is situated on our Campo Alegre site. The list pricing is for two people booking together this spacious double cabana.
Double room - Chica Bean Villa
€709 Per person per stay
€827 for single occupancy
We offer two beautiful double rooms in our Chica Bean location. The double rooms are ensuite and are situated in Chica Bean villa. The villa also offers a spacious kitchen and living room as well as rooftop terrace with prime view of the volcanos.


Your usual day begins with Aerial Yoga in our main location Campo Alegre.

We then take a delicious healthy breakfast at our lovely neighbourhood café Chica Bean which is only a few minutes away.

In the late morning, we will take a nature hike or facilitate meditation and chanting sessions. This retreat will give you a taste of a variety of different meditations as every person is different and connects with different tools.

At 4 pm we meet again for our Hatha Yoga class with views of the volcanos from Chica Bean or Campo Alegre (this may vary on Thursday). ​

We serve a light lunch at Chica Bean. The afternoon is free for you to relax, read, sit in the sun or let us organise you some SPA treatments in the nearby SPA.

On Tuesday you will enjoy during the afternoon a tour of Chica Bean's coffee roaster which is followed by a coffee tasting session.

On Thursday our local trusted tour agency will take you to explore volcano Pacaya. This is the only day where the itinerary will vary as you will leave right after lunch. Depending on the time of return the afternoon class may be delayed or will be replaced by an evening yin practice.

A vegetarian dinner will be served at 6pm and thereafter we will meet one more time for movement medittion before it is time to retire for the day.

You will finish your journey on the last day after a final session of Aerial Yoga and a leisurely breakfast before you get ready to depart.


We serve three nutritious daily meals in our two locations.

A healthy breakfast with a delicious detox drink at Chica Bean Cafe where we also serve lunch. A yummy vegetarian dinner will be served at Celestial Dance or Campo Alegre.

All food is locally sourced and lovingly prepared.

The diet is vegetarian but if you require a gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free diet we will certainly be able to accommodate you.


Dani Bruns

Dani originally from Europe is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher (ERTY500) and aerial yoga as well as aerial arts teacher, also known under the trade name Celestial Dance.

Currently living in Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, Guatemala near the beautiful town of Antigua, offering outdoor aerial yoga classes, aerial arts classes, HIIT, yoga as well as personal training.

Whether you want to improve your flexibility, accelerate recovery after an injury, or simply make a positive lifestyle change, Dani is happily here to guide you on your way.

She has been teaching since 2010. She studied yoga in India and aerial yoga in the UK.

Her most recent training took her to Goa (2016) where she studied at Abhinam Yoga school under Yog Namito (also known as Yog Rakesh Ranjan) who has been a long-term student of Swami Satyananda, BKS Iyengar, and Osho.​​


English Spanish German


€20 Airport Pick up €20 additional yoga or aerial yoga class


Volcano hike Coffee Roastery tour and coffee tasting Daily Aerial Yoga Daily Hatha Yoga Mediation classes Movement workshops Breakfast Lunch Breakfast Accommodation

Not included

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