This article will help you to get your first listing up and running as quickly as possible.

Logging in

Before you can access the dashboard you should log in here.

If you've just registered, you will have been logged in automatically.

The Dashboard

The host dashboard with the listing menu highlighted

The dashboard is where you start when you log in - it allows you to set up your accommodation, activities, packages and listings.

Listing structure

There are four elements which contribute to a complete listing :

  1. The listing itself [REQUIRED]
  2. Accommodation [REQUIRED]
  3. Activities [OPTIONAL]
  4. Bundles [OPTIONAL]

Note: If you'd like to let your guests stay the night you must include either an Accommodation or a Package.


Accommodation is anywhere guests can sleep - from a double bed to an entire villa and everything in-between. There are various pricing options which are explained below.


Activities are paid experiences and charged per activity. From yoga classes to paddleboarding to cooking lessons. If you are promoting a yoga class it's important to use activities rather than packages, as packages include accommodation options.


Bundles are optional combinations of Accommodation and Activities and can include additional items.

Do use bundles if:

  • You have multiple package choices for the same dates
  • You have combined accommodation and activities or other items into a bundle

Do not use bundles if:

  • The options you're describing are included for everyone
  • The included items are not a bundle of accommodation, activities and/or other items


The listing is where most of the information for is entered, and here you can add Accommodation, Activities and Packages (which should be set up first).

Listing editor notes:

  • Do not include the country within the listing title - this is added automatically
  • If you are copying and pasting information from your website, check the formatting is working correctly

Publishing process

Once you're happy with your listing you can submit it for approval. Our editorial team will give it a quick once over - let you know if any mistakes have been made and then publish it on the site. At this point, users will be able to find it in the search results and make an enquiry.