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Yogic Breathing & Pranayama Retreat

India - 6 days
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This 7 day intensive retreat aims to guide aspirants to reveal the deeper layers of the mind and cultivate a harmonious lifestyle. Restore balance into your life, resolve your inner conflicts, and allow you to fulfil your potential to become a more complete human being.

This retreat is designed for beginners or beginners with basic knowledge of yoga and pranayama practices, for those who wish to go through a deep detoxification from life through yogic wisdom, science and practices.

Enjoy twice daily group Yoga sessions and one daily Meditation session. The teachers are unique, being steeped in ancient knowledge and also trained in modern teaching methods.

The retreat is structured carefully to allow experience of not just the physical aspects of Yoga but also Karma Yoga (selfless work), various Yogic kriyas, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation).

Apart from the breathing and pranayama practices, students can participate in sessions on -

Pratyahara (internalisation of sensory inputs)

Dharana (concentration)

Dhyana (meditation) processes drawn from the Patanjali Yoga Sutras – ancient Yogic doctrine that aims to integrate our body, mind, heart and souls for complete living.

The price is inclusive of all lessons and lectures, 6 nights’ accommodation, healthy nutritious vegetarian three meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinnerFiltered water, herbal tea, and snacks, Wi-Fi connection, free use of yoga tools during the course, local sightseeing exploration and participation certification.


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