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Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

Europe - 7 days
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Join this week dedicated to guiding you to feel calm, connected, restored, and content. 
This week will be dedicated to guiding you to feel calm, connected, restored, rejuvenated and content. Mixing mindfulness within yoga practice and through meditation space and personal exploration is a profound and enjoyable way to let go off the stresses of day-to-day life. 
The teachings for the weekend will be somatic, explorative, restorative, meditative and influenced by Feldenkrais, Qi Gong and other practices that step away from an emphasis on reaching particular forms or goals within asana. Through embodied awareness, there will be an emphasis on recognising and offering kind attention to the habits and expectations we may spend our time retreading in our work and personal lives. Yoga practice is in an oak floored barn, may be warmed by a light breeze to a soundtrack of chirruping cicadas. There will be plenty of time to swim in the pool, warm yourself on the sunny terraces, maybe a walk in the countryside or even a relaxing massage before your next delicious meal.

This retreat includes 

two yoga sessions daily

(optional) nutrition talks and silent walks

all of your meals

and a day to explore the surrounding areas. 

There are also other spa treatments available if you so choose.


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