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Yoga, Meditation Self-Realization Retreat, UK

Europe - 4 days
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Purify your mind and soul as you experience the stunning views of ancient landscapes, deep valleys with fast flowing rivers, and hills topped with outcrops of bedrock of Dartmoor, England. During this 5 Day Retreat at the heart of Devon, you can cultivate your inner silence and deepen your yoga wisdom.The retreat will be held at the beautifully converted old farm house with a large yoga room, dining room and library with 35 acres of gardens and grounds, an orchard, a small wood and a stream.This venue offers the perfect space to go deeper into your practice and to cultivate stillness and silence in a more profound way. Practices will include Asanas, Deep Meditation, Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Samyama, Mudras and bandhas as well as other yoga practices. The focus of the retreat will be on the cultivation of inner silence, peace-fullness, bliss and Self-Realization. There will be three meditation sessions each day and two asana sessions. In the evenings there will be teachings on the philosophy of yoga. The theme of the retreat will be “Samyama and how samyama practice works to strengthen self-inquiry practice (jnana yoga)”. Create a sense of peace and discover your inner self and desires with this wonderful program in the picturesque Dartmoor region. It is inclusive of 4 nights accommodation, daily yoga and meditation classes, and healthy nourishing vegetarian meals which will be served twice daily.This retreat is suitable for people of all levels of ability from complete beginners through to advanced practitioners. All yoga classes and meditation sessions are optional, so you can take the retreat at your own pace.


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