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Yoga & Detox Retreat In Ubud Luxury

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Designed to eliminate harmful environmental toxins that build unconsciously in your system. This retreat will help clear the build up of stress and negaitvity that are a result of a busy everyday life.

Detox is the essential first step in establishing a pattern of wellbeing and vitality, a pattern that you can continue to carry home with you after your retreat. For those seeking a change from the stress and toxicity of our daily routine, this is the package for you.

The program includes a special detoxifying diet carefully designed for you, body treatments including Acupuncture and lifestyle counselling to ensure you gain the most out of your stay.

The retreat package includes 10 nights stay, your detox diet program, 4 detox meetings with a specialized doctor, plus your schedule of -

daily morning yoga classes

afternoon meditations

60-minute body massage

5 detoxifying spa treatments


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