Windsurf & Yoga Retreat - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Windsurf & Yoga Retreat

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Come down to the sunny shores of Fuerteventura and experience a retreat that you'll never forget.

The yoga classes are suited to beginners and intermediate yoga enthusiasts, helping you improve your form, learn more about the activity, and enjoy it to the fullest!

The windsurfing sessions are suited to all levels and instructors will assure you are safe and have fun during your time in the pristine ocean.

Discover the ways that yoga and windsurfing compliment one another as you find balance and flow on your mat and in the sea.

As a healing art for the body, yoga has been used throughout the centuries to help one cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and energy, refreshing the body and helping them attain inner peace.

This package includes your accommodation, yoga lessons, windsurfing classes and all the materials you need for your wind surfing classes and transfers to the beach.


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