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Vitality Juice Detox Retreat

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The 11-night detox package includes a pre & post cleanse as well as a 7.5 day Vitality Juice detox.

Adding juices to a detoxification program speeds the growth of new cells, allowing your body to revitalise itself. The nutrients in juice will nourish your cells and push out toxins during a wondrous cleansing process that reaches right down to every cell and tissue in your body.

The detox program starts with a 2 day pre-cleanse program to ensure your body is prepared for the 7-day Fasting & Colonic cleansing program that follows.

During the cleanse itself, you will enjoy 3 freshly made juices and elixirs each day, 5 detox drinks, one herbal tea, one coconut water, green superfood nutritional supplements and one vegetable broth daily. With plant-based nutrition counselling included, get to know the benefits of each elixir and feel the difference it is making to your physical and mental state.

Plus enjoy your schedule of -

daily yoga and meditation class

steam room, gym and Infrared sauna

twice daily colonic sessions

2 Thai massages

Reiki healing that will support and complement your detox.


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