The Complete Weight Loss Retreat - Go Enjoy Yoga
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The Complete Weight Loss Retreat

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This Weight Loss Program is held at the premier sports facility in Asia, offering tennis, swimming, track and field, and weights and cardio centres, to help you to stay fit during your stay at the 5 star hotel.The program begins with a meeting with a wellness advisor, who will guide you through a nutritional program to help you achieve your goals. The dietician will recommend a long-term plan for you to continue your path towards improved health.

Your medical checkup includes a variety of tests designed to determine the factors that are affecting weight gain and loss.

Balance your mind with a private meditation session, and daily group mind training and yoga sessions.

Daily classes on wellness topics ensure that you leave feeling confident about continuing on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Spa therapists pamper you with effective slimming and detoxifying treatments.

You have exclusive access to the lifestyle lockers which include contrast baths, steam and infrared saunas, and access to the detox tea lounge.

Your retreat package includes accommodation, return airport transfers, 4 x medical consultations, private nutrition consultation and follow up, nutrition take home plan, mind consultation, 4 x health and wellness consultation, 4 x body composition analysis, chiropractic assessment, fitness assessment, customised weight loss profile, 14 x intravenous nutrients treatments, 4 x colon hydrotherapy, slimming body treatment, abdominal detoxification massage and your weight loss meal program.


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