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Surf, Meditation & Yoga Retreat Florida, USA

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Whether you’re a yogi, surfer, adventure-seeker or wellness-inspired traveler, this 4 Day retreat will help you find a connection with yourself, your breath, the ocean and the planet. 
Nestled 100 yards between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River this retreat house is the perfect spot for your surf, SUP and yoga adventure. 
Retreat to Cocoa Beach in Florida which offers warm, turquoize waters, sand ocean floor and the best waves for beginner to intermediate surfers. Nourish your body with plant based, vegan whole foods. This 4 Day yoga retreat which will ultimately help you find your center. You will come back home feeling rested, rejuvenated and replenished.
You'll have the choice to choose one private session from the following amazing sessions which includes: Yoga class (Vinaysa, Yin, Hatha, Power, Beach Yoga), Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Vedic Massage, SUP Yoga, SUP Sculpt & Fit, Surf Lesson, Flower Essence Session with Tea & Personalized Formula. Chakra Clearing Meditation with Sound Healing, Crystal Reiki, Chakra Balancing. Reiki Healing Session, Bach Flower Essence Session, Vitalist Herbal Nutrition, Tratak Meditation, Sound Healing, Tension Releasing and Grounding, Cord Cutting, Metta Meditation and Osho Dynamic Meditation.
Enjoy the grace and tranquility of the open ocean, bright aqua waters, and healing sessions on the beach. Rediscover your bliss and connect to you in this 4 day Beach Yoga Retreat which includes:

​3 Daily Sunrise Beach Yoga Classes

3 Surf Lessons for Beginners or Advanced

1 Sunset SUP Yoga Lesson

1 Massage with Summer

1 Private Yoga & Meditation Session 

1 Private Session of your Choosing 

Discover the new you through beach yoga, meditation, and relaxation in the gorgeous Cocoa Beach.


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