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Stress Release And Yoga Retreat

Croatia - 6 days
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The best gift that you could give to yourself is your inner peace - the place within you where everything starts and everything ends.


In this week's program you'll begin at the end – connecting to where you are now and becoming more aware of the quality of life you are living. Your goal will be to recognize what creates stress within you and learn to awake your natural mechanisms for releasing stress through gentle, mindful yoga, TRE® (Tension Release Exercises), and the use of essential oils of therapeutic quality. You will combine these tools to release stress and achieve the inner peace that you need.The gentle morning Yoga Sadhana will interweave yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and mudra in order to help you connect to the inner space within you that is already at peace. 

In the afternoons, you'll experience the power of TRE® in combination with essential oils, exploring further what your body needs, revealing layer after layer of your inner self and reaching that inner peace.

​The cost of this retreat package will include 

your 6 night accommodation

a transfer to and from the Stari Grad Port

twice daily Integrated Holistic Yoga Lifestyle Program

30-minute Essential Oils Consultation + 90-minute Mind-Sound-Resonance Meditation Therapy Session (done in a group)

two daily vegetarian meals during your program stay 

dinner on program start date & breakfast on the conclusion date

daily outings to places of interest including waterfront towns, beautiful beaches, historical sights, and hidden spots in nature.

free access to Spiritual, Travel & Leisure Library

Tea Corner & Snacks

a magical sunset on the final evening


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