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Stress Release Retreat

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Dive your body into a healthy and relaxing experience with vitality and wellbeing, assisted by the dedicated team of professionals. This 7 night program aims to combat the destructive effects of stress through a series of medical, traditional, holistic and therapeutic approaches.
Relax with a variety of massages and treatments, and take part in meditation and yoga sessions to ensure you return home tranquil and stress-free.

This wellness package includes 7 night accommodation, all meals, daily fitness group classes, one private yoga session, one Nutrition and lifestyle consultation, one Psychoneuroimmunology consultation, access to the gym and Dynamic Pool and personal wellness assistance during stay.

Plus -

1 x Biofeedback (Quantic medicine) consultation

1 x Blood analysis consultation

2 x Watsu sessions

2 x Traditional Chinese medicine sessions

1 x Banyan Tree Spa head & shoulder reviver (30 min)

1 x Banyan Tree Spa Full body massage (60 min)

1 x Vichy shower massage

1 x Hyrdo underwater jet-massage

2 x Chi-Kung (QiGong) sessions


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