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Signature Detox Transformation Retreat

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This retreat is a signature cleansing programme inspired by the ancient Balinese philosophy that promotes living with purity of thought, speech, and action. It encourages you to align your heartfelt goodwill and thinking with consistent speech and action. 

The retreat includes traditional Balinese healing therapies aimed to detoxify and purify the physical body, and the non-physical mind and soul, unifying body and mind towards a natural harmonious state of being, and allowing an organic healing process to unfold.

Join this unique and transformative healing journey within the mystical culture of Bali.

The retreat package includes -

14 nights accommodations in one of the riverside suites

healing cuisine - low glycemic meals and or juicing

Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony

6 yoga & meditation sessions

3 colonic hydrotherapy

wellness consultation

3 healing massages

2 water healing

2 reflexology treatments

2 embracing change/mindfulness sessions

3 bath rituals

2 sacred art sessions

3 energy healings

3 beauty rituals

turmeric facial ritual

2 healing journeys

a living foods class training

and airport transfers.


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