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Restorative Yoga Retreat In Traditional Village

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This village resort offers you a paradise of serenity and peace. As you spend your days in this beautiful place, you will be treated with a program designed to help you heal through yoga, meditation and massage.

This retreat will give you a wonderful, enlivening experience; simply being in the hands of someone whose sole aim is to help you feel better can make the world of difference. It will also give you a set of tools to go away with, to continue to feel better, and to improve the quality of your life.

Through physical yoga asana practice, you will work with restructuring, lengthening and strengthening the body. Meditation will help you bring about the vital connection of the mind to the restorative process which will help you to develop new healthy habits and routines rather than keep you stuck in the past or in an unhealthy rut.

Massage gives you the chance to relax and melt into the soothing hands of a qualified therapist, who will help support all your other work while you simply enjoy.

This retreat will be carried out within the surrounds of a deeply supportive environment, by experts in their respective field who are fully committed to helping you.

The retreat includes -

5 nights deluxe accommodation

daily breakfast, 3 lunches, 2 dinners.

Plus your schedule of -

3 private restorative yoga sessions

Private meditation session

2 Signature massages

daily yoga

daily pranayama and meditation group classes

If you're seeking a way to start fresh and heal your body, mind and spirit, this will help show you the way.


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