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Reset Yoga & Detox Retreat

Europe - 5 days
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During this retreat you will experience a reset of your body through 5 days of vegan nutrition with natural products that will be combined with daily yoga classes. You will learn about the great variety of healthy foods that exist and their properties and how to combine them to get the most from their nutrients. 

Take out your notebook and pen while the team offer tricks and guidelines to help you live a healthier, more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

This retreat has been put together by naturopath and yoga teacher. It is not a fasting or "only juicing or soups" program. Its a guided week of generous healthy Vegan eating and more mindful approach to your body from inside but also outside. You will eat healthy, light, nutritious and learn about how to sustain it.

The retreat aims for a complete reset and detox for your body in the inside but also on the outside. That is why combines food and nutrition, yoga, some natural cosmetic and cleanse exercises.

Yoga classes will be adapted to suit those who attend the program and they will work especially with the digestive system. You will combine dynamic practices with more restorative practices to help release toxins while giving the digestive system a boost. 

The yoga classes will have daily themes including hip openers, stress release, opening the back and chest, breathing exercises, restorative poses and creating energy in the body.

The retreat includes 5 nights accommodation in an amazing modern apartment in the heart of Barcelona, twice daily yoga classes, a complete pack with book of recipes and rituals, products and medicinal plants.

Plus your schedule of -

Personal consultation with the Naturopath

Personalized follow-ups during the workshop

delicious recipes prepared and served during the retreat

brunch and dinner with the rest of the group

access to all the comforts of the house: kitchen, patio, chill-out area, books and magazines, free Wi-Fi, unlimited service water and infusions, and yoga materials. 


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