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Rejuvenating Detox & Yoga Retreat

Costa Rica
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Rejuvenate deeply in a beautiful rainforest setting.

Throughout your detox retreat you will be supported by caring and professional staff. Each person may need a different type of cleanse, depending on one's lifestyle, constitution, body type, diet and many other factors. Some people may do well with juice fasting, others need more nutritional support. Some may need a focus on liver cleansing, others colon or kidney.

With a health professional guiding you, you can feel safe and nurtured, knowing that your program is specifically designed for you.

The detox retreat includes -

initial private consultation

daily check-in with a registered Nutritionist/Herbalist

fresh, organic raw foods and juices, herbal teas and cleansing drink

daily yoga and meditation

sound meditation sessions

abdominal massage

optional enemas

aromatherapy baths

skin brushing

unlimited use of the BioMat.

your accommodation

Optional add ons include counselling session, spa treatments, excursions and horse riding.


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