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Rejuvenate Thru Balinese Healing In Ubud

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This retreat offers an authentic Balinese spiritual and cultural experience to assist you in making positive lifestyle changes and facilitate healing. The program includes accompanied visits to famous Balinese Healers who will work on identifying blockages and balancing your energy.

In the resort, you will experience a powerful and rare mantra massage raising your vibration and helping to permanently release tension. This retreat includes a traditional Boreh wrap, handed down through generations. This secret recipe contains 31 medicinal herbs and spices warming and detoxifying the body and eliminating impurities.

Balinese Healing is a unique and powerful retreat. The retreat package includes your luxury accommodations, a full meal plan, daily yoga and wellness services like:

Mantra Massage

Balinese Massage

Purification Ritual

Traditional Balinese Healer Session

Balinese Healing Ritual Massage

Balinese Reflexology Massage

Healing Bath and Hot Stones Massage

Pure Natural Facial The resort is nestled on the rain-forested riverbank in Ubud, offering first class facilities in spa and wellness. Two excursions are also included.


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