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Reiki Certification And Detox Retreat

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This program combines the effectiveness of the 11 night complete detox, with the benefits of learning Reiki. A Reiki attunement, promotes a sense of inner sanctuary & connectivity. Detox and fasting have been practiced for thousands of years, in virtually every culture. Abstaining from food triggers a remarkable cleansing process that heals and rejuvenates the body at a cellular level and amplifies the body’s Vital Energy or Chi. The retreat center promotes Reiki study during the time of fasting as this is when your mind and body are most receptive. Reiki attunements help the body to go back to its true harmonious state.

Your retreat starts with a 2-day pre-cleanse program to ensure your body is prepared for the 7-day Fasting and Colonic Cleansing Program that follows. The 2-day post-cleanse period will provide you with all the information you need to continue your new healthy habits once you leave.

Included in this retreat is your 11 nights accommodation, all juices, detox drinks and supplements as part of the detox program.

Plus your schedule of -

daily yoga and meditation

2 thai massages

Reiki session

two colonics daily during your fast

herbal steam room

healing workshops

nutritional counselling


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