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Refine Your Vision Yoga Retreat

Croatia - 6 days
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Almost everyone has ideas and dreams but sadly only some people actually manifest them. The difference between the dreamers and dream-makers is in their ability to form a step by step plan, equip themselves with the proper toolkit, and communicate their ideas in the right way to others. That is exactly what you will do during the Refine Your Vision program, under the expert guidance a TRE & Essential Oils Educator, Coach, and Business Consultant. You will actively work on:
Points of You (Punctum) – this tool will help you create a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Based on your previous vision and dream, you’ll be able to present it to yourself and others. Using pictures, phrases and questions the facilitators will help you go one step further by presenting your dream to the world.
Emotional Intelligence – this is a field that needs to be revisited constantly throughout your life and expanded whenever you step into something new and challenging. You will define the areas of emotional intelligence that have room for improvement and will help to grow them.


Portrait of Personal Strengths – we all have been developing certain tools to achieve what we want throughout our entire life, but some tools are yet to be developed. You will define what strengths are your most important tools to accomplish what you want and what other tools you need to add to your toolbox.
Time Matrix and SMART Goals – we often know what we need to do but end up failing to do it because we haven’t considered the time needed and were not able to set up priorities. Having a clear plan of activities that fit into the schedule of your life is crucial for your success.
Communication Styles – communicating sometimes seems easy enough and yet we come across challenges where it is hard to communicate to certain people. Being able to recognize the communication styles of yourself and others and being able to adapt them is a skill that can make the difference between success and failure in communicating your ideas to the world.
Points of You (Coaching Game) – before you make the first step on the path that might change your life, it is smart to look at the possible obstacles on the way. This Coaching Game will help you identify them and to find possible solutions.
Aroma Freedom Technique – everyone needs a little help with motivation, support while undergoing transformation, and someone to believe in them. You can get all this with the Aroma Freedom Technique.
You might be joining this retreat with just a rough idea, but you will leave with a solid plan, the proper set of tools, and loads of motivation to get out there and make things happen!

Each morning will start with a grounding and centering yoga sadhana to anchor you and allow your day to start with a clean slate. It will then be followed by a delectable brunch.
Following brunch, you will meet as a group and tackle the topic of the day in an all-inclusive manner that allows for creative leveraging and insight.
There will be short lectures and quick group assignments to help you get attuned with the fellow retreaters and inspire creative flow.
Retreaters can take the quick assignment with them to the beach and find solace in the stunning landscapes that surround them. If there is ever a better place to plant your thoughts on paper, it’s sunny Hvar.

The retreat package includes -

Ambient facilities and accommodation that help you rest & reflect 

Twice daily fresh and nurturing "Dalma-Veg" meals

Free water, mineral water, tea, and herbal drinks at each meal

A daily helping of seasonal fruits & treats 

Free access to tea corners w/organic herbs 

Culinary workshop (Wednesday or Friday)

Free WiFi, Free use of a beach towel & foam mat, Essential toiletries

Free access to library of books, magazines, music, films, games & art supplies

A free consultation with the holistic lifestyle coach (on arrival day)

Sacred opening & closing ceremonies 

Chakra test to assess your overall state of being (at retreat start)

A daily integrated Chakra Yoga Sadhana practice 

Daily Build & Launch Your Dream "deep-dive" sessions​

Daily post-assignment group chat that fosters a supportive, all-inclusive learning experience

2x 30-min one-to-one coaching with your mentor Creativity Session 

A program manual with daily questions to help you focus on key areas of yourself and your life each day

Free use of a Yoga Kit

Free transfers from & to the Stari Grad Port

Conceptualized daily outings to gorgeous towns, villages & beaches


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