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Recharge And Shine Retreat

Croatia - 6 days
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Open new doors to self, body and nature awareness with Zhineng Qigong and 'Feel Flow' yoga during the 7 Day Recharge and Shine program in the ancient Hvar island of Croatia. Enjoy the smooth Qigong movements that help awaken your whole spine, making it flexible and soft; learn to move like a flying caterpillar, walk the centered and balanced walk of a crane, and breathe a nourishing and deep “Dantian breath”.Experience breath awareness and inner space deepening during the Yin-inspired, "Feel & Flow" yoga sessions; and benefit from the transformational, healing power of learning to practice with a compassionate, loving heart.Zhineng Qigong is a holistic practice that provides an effective path to take charge of one´s physical health and empower healthy living. Together with Yin yoga, it allows you to experience the connectivity of everything in the universe and uses awareness, body movement and visualization to tap into the infinite source of all matter that makes up the universe and all creation. Today, in most people's lives, an active, exhaustive Yang lifestyle is emphasized. Turning your attention toward Yin qualities restores and brings balance and harmony between Ying and Yang. The Yin-inspired "Feel & Flow" yoga classes will give you the time to feel and explore the inner environment of your body and mind. Through this practice, you are given time to contemplate, breathe and feel the physical, energetic, and mental layers of your being. Mindfulness and healing imagery increases the harmonizing effect of the practice.Feel & Flow Yoga uses floor poses that are held for 3-5 minutes in order to passively work on your tissues by practicing mindfully, with attention and intention. This practice is all about yielding, allowing and nourishing. While it deepens your awareness, it also gives you the opportunity to experience what is really happening, right here, right now.Meanwhile, the Zhineng Qigong sessions will relax your heart, mind and body, and increase your self-awareness and the natural energy exchange between you and nature. By becoming aware of the energizing, opening effect of this practice, you will explore how to work with energy and consciousness. This program is open to all yoga levels, including beginners, intermediate Yogis, Qigongis, practitioners of other holistic methods and anyone open to trying something new.

The cost of this retreat package will include

your 6 night accommodation

a transfer to and from the Stari Grad Port, village tours

a welcome and closing circle

twice daily integrated Integrated Holistic Yoga Lifestyle Program

two daily Vegetarian Meals during your program stay

dinner on program start date & breakfast on the conclusion date

60-EUR credit toward ​a la Carte Holistic Services by appointment or 50-EUR credit toward a Massage or Spa Treatments by appointment

optional daily tours to places of interest including waterfront towns, beautiful beaches, historical and cultural sights and some secret destinations

daily "Mauna" (quiet reflection time) from 10 pm - 7 am

magical Sunset Experience on the final evening

free access to Spiritual, Travel & Leisure Library

Tea Corner & Snacks, a magical sunset safari tour on the final evening


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