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Raw Food Detox Retreat

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This luxury wellness hotel offers a charming combination of luxury and wellness with cleansing retreats and health services, that have guests coming from around the world to enjoy it's healthy holiday vibe.

In this retreat you will be served with plant-based, unprocessed, fresh, alkaline gourmet raw food with freshly squeezed juices in between.

You will undergo colon cleansing, participate in life changing healthy living lectures, and learn how to make raw food at home with raw food demonstrations and courses. The program is designed to give your body a chance to dispel harmful toxins and to repair and rejuvenate on a deep level, both physically and emotionally.

And enjoy the great fitness activities by taking advantage of the fitness centre access, yoga and pilates classes, stretching, table tennis and basketball, jogging with specialist, access to tennis court, aqua gm, steam room, sauna, turkish bath, beach, indoor and outdoor pools, and hydrotherapy pool.

The retreat package includes
your raw food detox program
accommodation in suites or villa
detox gifts
body analysis
detox specialist consultancy
introduction to detox seminar on arrival
healthy living seminars
DVD nights of healthy lifestyle
all detox juices
detox salads, gourmet raw dishes
detox supplements
unlimited detox soup
unlimited fruit teas and herbal tea
PH 10 water, angel of water (self service colon cleansing with open system machine)


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