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Pure Yoga Retreat On The Beach

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This fantastic 8 day yoga retreat is a great opportunity to experience the lush, northern area of Bali, practicing yoga, enjoying the untouched coastline and getting pampered with a few sweet perks!

This beautiful resort is for the traveler who wants to get away from crowds and relax in a pristine and traditional part of Bali. The resort is quaint and well crafted, with a serene and relaxing environment- the perfect place to dive into your yoga practice and enjoy a much-deserved week away.​​

Each day of the retreat will be spent training with skilled yoga teachers and exploring the area as much as you please.

There are numerous activities to immerse yourself in, including dolphin watching, touring coffee plantations, going cycling, trekking, surfing, or simply relaxing around the beautiful beach and pool.

Your package will include yoga and meditation daily by the beach, 8 nights beachside accommodation, wifi, fresh fruit and mineral water, and free shuttles to town, are just a few of the ways this hotel treats you with care and style.

Plus your schedule of -

Traditional Balinese massage

Dolphin watching tour

Anti-aging face treatment

Meditation center visit


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