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Panchakarma Ayurveda Retreat In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
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From your arrival, qualified doctors and therapists will work with you to gather a holistic understanding of your physical ailments, areas for stress, lifestyle, wellness objectives and requirements. 

Your first days treatment will be light as the body needs time to settle in to the environmental changes, effects of flying and jet lag. Ayurveda is very much a gentle push to the body to help recover itself or get to its optimum balance. During your stay the resident doctor will have social discussion evenings about Ayurveda and its science. 

Your treatment plan will include Ayurvedic Treatments to detox and cleanse the body, your nutritional requirements and herbal medicines to refuel the body to help gain its balance, and you will be encouraged to relax and reconnect with yourself through the practice of yoga and mindfulness. 

You are encouraged to spend time in the gardens amongst nature, walk in the village and join in the nature preservation and community development activities.

This package includes -

your accommodation

Ayurveda meals

Ayurveda medicines and therapy according to Doctor's instructions

water and herbal tea at all times

guided daily yoga

numerous hotel activities for you to partake in

and a daily Ayurveda Detox treatment of massages and herbal or steam baths. 

This 3 week program has been carefully designed in order to bring you into balance in a deeply rejuvenating way. 


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