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Original Surf And Yoga Retreat

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Yoga and surfing are the perfect marriage of mind and body - as you lose yourself among the waves in the surf, you'll learn to find inner peace and reconnect with yourself once you're off the board and on your mat.

This retreat combines the best of surfing and yoga into ten days of taking care of both your mind and your body! With yoga sessions held in the morning and afternoon to warm you up for a day in the surf and to relax your muscles after a day at the beach, this will be an outing that you certainly wouldn't want to miss.

This package includes shared accommodation, breakfast, packed lunches, water bottles and 6 Moroccan dinners. Airport transfers are also included, as well as one planned evening outside the camp.

As for your surf lessons, you'll get at least 4 hours per day with all the equipment and transportation you'll need, along with hands-on training with qualified surf instructors that will take you from the basics right to learning to ride the waves on your own!

You'll have 6 yoga lessons (1 hour each) for your stay, including mats and instructors to help you improve your form and relax your mind. Yoga mats will be provided, and you can take second yoga sessions for an additional cost.


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