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New Year Yoga Retreat In Frome, Somerset

Europe - 3 days
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Join this 4 Day New Year retreat to mindfully mark the transition from 2020 into 2021.

Come and celebrate life - on your own or with your friends, either way you're guaranteed to have a special time and begin the new year with a clear mind, an open heart and a rejuvenated spirit...what better way to start the year!

This retreat will be an opportunity for you to have some quiet time, space and contemplation. Alongside the morning and evening programmes of yoga there will be space to reflect and re-set for the new year.

After dinner on the first evening you gather together to enjoy a delicious yoga nidra (yoga sleep) practice to set the tone of these self-nurturing days. The days will begin with silent meditation, pranayama and a little mantra chanting. This will be followed by the morning yoga class. You then have breakfast followed by free-time, massages and then the afternoon yoga practice which will build on what you have done in the morning and take you a little deeper into the poses. In the evenings there will be other activities that may include meditation, yin yoga, yoga nidra and chanting. A retreat enjoying the full spectrum of yoga.

There are beautiful countryside walks, delicious wholesome organic food, fireside chats and quiet time to contemplate, new friends to meet and a space to simply be.

After dinner on New Year's Eve there will be a special evening program.

The cost includes 3 nights of accommodation, daily meditation, all yoga classes and workshops, and delicious homemade organic vegetarian food. You are free to explore the surroundings and enjoy beautiful nature walks or rest by the warmth of the log fires.


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