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New-Life Retreat

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Tune in to the beautiful forest, streams, and abundant wildlife, in one of the most pristine and breath-taking islands in Thailand.

Located at the end of a mangrove bay, this resort is a tranquil and calming haven among the serene greenery.

During the retreat, you will be oriented on the basic principles of proper fasting detox.

To accompany you on your detox, participate in daily intestinal cleansers, detox drinks with bentonite clay and psyllium husk, flora grow probiotic capsules and other cleansing drinks will be offered as part of the program.

Your relaxing week will be filled with rejuvenating yoga and meditation classes, massage and spa treatments, herbal steam baths and ampuku abdominal massages for an over-all detox of the mind, body and spirit.

The cost includes airport transfers, a complete fasting detox program with the necessary drinks and cleansers, massage and spa treatments, yoga and meditation classes and access to amenities such as the steam bath, infrared sauna and swimming pool.


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