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Meditation & Yoga Retreat On Tropical Island

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This resort is nestled at the heart of this serene island paradise, truly a haven for jungle loving yogis.

In this retreat, everything is built around your relaxation and enjoyment. 

Enjoy daily yoga and mediation sessions, as well as private one-on-one yoga tuition, a daily sauna and massage treatments conducted by a team of expert therapists. 

Delicious healthy cuisine is provided, a day trip around the local pristine islands and lush accommodation complete your perfect stay.

This week-long retreat ensures you have plenty of time to slow down, unplug and experience a true sense of peace and tranquility through a mixture of personalized yoga sessions and treatments tailored to your every individual need.

The retreat includes -

group yoga and meditation classes

private yoga classes

massage and spa treatments

herbal steam bath

infrared sauna

all healthy meals

herbal hot compress


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