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Meaningful Spa Holiday Package In Thailand

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Absolute Sanctuary is a haven, the best wellness hotel in Thailand. With luxury accommodation, first class facilities, fitness and yoga group classes every day, pampering spa menu, detox spa, and healthy food and juices on demand.‚Äč

Unlike packaged programs, this 3 day holiday is for those who simply want a relaxed, healthy getaway. The retreat includes 2 nights and 3 days accommodation, 2 energy breakfasts, 2 superfood lunches.

Plus your schedule of -

Deep Calm Massage

Thai stretch massage or Foot Sanctuary

2 Yoga Classes

Pilates Reformer Class

All Group Fitness Classes

Plus unlimited access to pool, steam room and fitness studio access, plus airport transfers.

Enjoy 10% discount on the extensive menu of spa, detox therapies, emotional and alternative therapies and design your own time taken at your own pace.

Just a few steps away from the stunning coastline, is this detox and yoga resort. It is a luxury boutique resort surrounded by palm-fringed shores and turquoise blue waters. 


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