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Luxury Yoga Detox Retreat, At Wellness Hotel

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This Wellness Sanctuary is an absolute haven, the best wellness hotel in Thailand. With luxury accommodation, first class facilities, fitness and yoga group classes all day, pampering spa menu, detox services, and healthy food and juices on demand.

This program is suitable for first-timers and consists of gentle colonic cleansing and natural detoxification supplements. The retreat is a fun cleansing program over the course of 4 nights. Throughout the process, you’ll fill your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

At the same time, you’ll also be draining your body of excess body fat and accumulated toxins that’s weighing you down.

The cost of this retreat includes 4 nights of accommodation, Initial In-depth Detox Consultation with Bio Impedance Analysis.

And of course your access to -

Pool, Steam Room & Fitness Studio

Unlimited Group fitness classes

Unlimited Yoga classes

Unlimited group meditation

all Yoga and Pilates classes schedule

And your schedule of -

Colon hydrotherapy session each day

Detox drinks, Good Green Stuff shots, Detox meals (if not fasting), Liver Flush drinks.

Free Bonus: 1 x 60-min Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy


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