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Long Stay Yoga Retreat

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Experience what life is like in a small traditional Northern Thai village untouched by tourism.. Join this special 15-day yoga retreat in Chiang Mai and let it bring balance back to your life.

This program aims to give you a relaxing retreat and bring you back into balance. The yoga retreat center is built on a permaculture site located just outside of the ancient city of Chiang Mai. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a yoga retreat whether you are new to yoga and meditation, or if you already have an established practice and want to deepen your understanding and skills.

Mornings start early with the gong rousing you from your bed, then you make your way to the shala to practice meditation as the sun rises over the mountains of Northern Thailand. Evening meditation puts the perfect cap on your day.

Morning yoga challenges your limits and embraces your inner potential. Afternoon yoga nourishes your body while bringing you deeper into presence. Ample free time gives you the space to reflect with a book, preferably in a hammock.

The retreat package includes twice daily yoga and meditation session, comfortable accommodations, and delicious home cooked Thai meals.

Please note that this retreat is available between May -September.


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