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Living Foods & Vegetarian Detox, Luxury Spa

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This modified detox program has been specially designed for beginners or for those not too comfortable with doing daily colonic hydrotherapy.

The detox meals involve either 2 light raw food meals or 2 light cooked vegetarian meals a day. And enjoy access to Unlimited Yoga classes & group meditation sessions.

Each program encompasses a mix of -

colon hydrotherapy

detox massage sessions

detox drinks


yoga classes

good green stuff shots

healing treatments

healthy and delicious raw vegetarian meals.

The cost of this retreat includes four nights accommodations, Initial In-depth Detox Consultation with Bio Impedance Analysis.

And your schedule of -

2 x Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

1 x 60 min Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

1 x 30 min FAR Infrared Sauna Session

1 x 30 min Magnesium Foot Soak

1 x 60 min Thai Stretch Massage

1 x 60 min Foot Sanctuary

1 x 60 min Oil Massage


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