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Lifestyle Enhancer Retreat

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This retreat focuses on enhancing your lifestyle with the goal of a healthier, happier you. The immersive program is designed to accommodate individuals from all walks of life to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Maintaining a balanced diet is not so easy, and cooking healthy meals at home can be quite challenging. During your stay the culinary team will prepare healthy and nutritionally packed meals to help you achieve a balanced diet. Through cooking demonstrations, you will also learn how to make healthy and delicious meals at home.

Mountain hikes and crossfit trainings, yoga and morning stretches are all designed to help you achieve greater health, strength, stamina, flexibility and posture.

The integration of meditation is designed to help you increase self-awareness, improve focus and concentration and reduce stress.

Core program inclusions are:

60-min massage/night

45-min rice transplanting

45-min rice harvesting (seasonal)

180-min thai cooking class

2 meals per day

half-day thai temples visitation

complimentary daily yoga, complimentary guided morning walk, complimentary daily activities, afternoon tea, and daily juice/smoothie/snack.

Additional recommended activities for this program include a full day elephant sanctuary and water rafting your or full day hill tribe trek.


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