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Life-Changing Weight Loss Retreat

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Your body weight has such a large impact on your overall wellbeing from the physical burdens on your joints, organs and arteries to the psychological afflictions of low self-esteem, feeling self conscious and even depression.Weight loss does not have to be a daunting task. Durind this life-changing weight loss retreat you will receive expert advice on what your body needs, and it is a fantastic way to kick-start the process and help you achieve your goal.The nutritional specialists will help match the characteristics of your body, lifestyle and age with a long-term strategy involving a balanced mentality around food and exercise. The program will be personally designed and will targeted effectively in a holistic way in order to see results.You will have a dedicated coach to help you feel inspired, motivated and energised as you will be guided day by day with various activities. The main goal is to break the vicious cycle of weight loss and gain, and to arm you with a maintainable and sustainable program by addressing your nutritional, physical, mental and emotional needs.

The retreat package includes

7 nights’ accommodation

Welcome drink on arrival

Welcome healthy weight loss dinner on day of arrival

3 Healthy Weight Loss Meals per day (full board)

Healthy Breakfast and Lunch on day of departure

6 Yoga Classes in group

2 Hikes in group

6 Training classes

2 Nutri – Coach consultations (30 min. each)

1 Sport Consultation (30 min.)

1 Body Scrub (30 min.)

1 X 60 Minutes Spa Treatment

2 LPG Machine Sessions

1 Health Check

1 Personalised Health Plan

and complimentary use of oriental steam room, sauna, swimming pool, and gym.


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